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Title of a Website
Importance of the Meta Title

Meta Title or Title tag provides the first impression to the user and also to the web spiders. Users see Title, Description, URL in the search results. The first and foremost thing is the TITLE. It represents what your business is? A suitable title related to your website will always generate potential visitors and traffic.

Major search engines take 60-70 characters space of a title tag. Keep your title below 55 characters so that 99% of your words in the title displayed properly in the search results. Research most profitable, easy to rank high traffic keywords in your niche is an important factor for your online business success.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
Create SEO and User-Friendly URL’s

Google has the ability to know and understand any kind of URL structure even though it is mixed up to symbols and numbers.

A user-friendly URL’s gives users a clear understanding of where they are looking for. It allows users to navigate from pages to pages within the website. While writing a searchable SEO URL should keep the following considerations as possible.

  • 1. Keep it Short – A clear short descriptive URL related the information in the page
  • 2. Use your targeted keywords in the URL – No over optimization
  • 3. Use hyphens - for separation instead of underline _
  • 4. Remove the special characters

What are targeted keywords?
Keyword frequency in a website helps

Keyword: Google considers a word as a keyword when someone did a search on the search bar. Not all the words typed in the search engines are considered as profitable "keywords". A word entered with the intention to make a transaction is exactly considered a profitable “keyword”.

Understand what keywords your targeted visitors are looking for your business online? No one in the world understands your business better than you, you are the responsible person to know what exactly your customers are looking for on the web. Therefore, understanding the online web market is totally different from the local retail shop.

Analyze and research the right keyword terms and have a look on keyword search volume, difficulty level and much more.

Document Type, Robots and XML Sitemap
SEO through good code structure

Effective SEO can be easily done only by a good coding structure. Unique, informative Content is important for successful search engine optimization campaigns and a perfect HTML markup design.

Robots File: Intended for security purpose, using the robots tag in an ethical way helps web spiders to index the preferable pages of your website and stop from search engine spammer bots.

XML Sitemap: Helps web spiders for quick indexing and easy crawling to improve your site overall SEO search score, it can be XML or HTML.

Mobile Optimization
800+ Million Users are always active on Mobile

60%+ people thinking that the world comes into their hands in terms of smartphones. Mobile SEO is a vintage technique. Smartphones started ruling the world because of its affordable price and easy to use within your palm.

A scenario said, according to 2014, 800+ Million users are active on mobile at any time any cost. It means the eyes of mobile phones are blinking in the midnight.

So a website should be optimized as mobile responsive for three things:

  • 1. Mobiles/smartphones
  • 2. Tablets
  • 3. Desktops/Laptops

Social Impacts on Huge Demand
Check how you are socially impacted

Facebook has almost covered the entire world except for China and some other countries. It is the one trying to beat Google with its tons and tons of users. A scenario said 650+ million users are always active on Facebook. So we need to be updated in the social networks.

This social report describes how much you are socially presented, especially in the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Stumbleupon.

Google page ranking and Alexa ranking
Does Pagerank Really Impacts on the SERP?

The webmaster says that Google is no longer updating the PageRank and not considering it.

Google says that a smaller or start-up website can beat the high PR website, but still websites with higher page rank get ranked well in the search results.

Google always has a soft crush on the high PR websites.

Alexa Rank stats show authority positions where you are ranking globally or locally in terms of traffic and visitors flow.

Google Trust Value Vs Site Security
Keep your website clean and secure

Search engines love those clean websites that free from malware and other malicious code. Google says that a website with https/SSL security layer gets a minor boost in the search rankings. If you get blocked on Google safe browsing, it will harm your keyword rankings and push back by the search engine filters.

Google is constantly updating the lists of suspected phishing, malware and unwanted software pages. SO Keep your blog/website free from any malicious actions.

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