About Us

Company History:

The domain name MetricBuzz.com was created in the winter of 2014, and operated under the company called SEARCH BUZZ INC based in NYC. We are an online marketing company motivated by a group of web developers, marketers, and designers.

We have been doing website design and SEO marketing for a couple of years, so we founded the company, building a marketing site to help small businesses generate more leads and increase their site conversion rates online.

What We DO:

The MetricBuzz.com is about website reports, web development, SEO webmaster tools, usability reports, E-Commerce tips, content creation strategy, marketing articles, small business marketing tools and much more.

In general, we are doing Web Development & Maintenance, SEO Marketing, SEO site audit, content creation strategy for established sites, creating a variety of marketing tools to help small businesses harness the unlimited potential power of the online world.

Our Goal:

We are mainly focused on helping local small businesses to succeed online. Some of our team members have been through the painful personal experience of running brick & mortar businesses, so we understand the struggle and how difficult it is to manage a sustainable offline business. We know it’s not enough just having a nicely decorated place, but a business needs a sound content-driven website and effective marketing tools to generate more revenue online.

According to the statistics, about 90% of small businesses are struggling, and most of them will be bankrupt in 3 years. The problem is due to the lack of marketing skills, tools to help them develop an online presence for their business, attracting customers both online and offline.

We will meet and work with you to help identify your business’s targeted niche audience, and then provide a solution to create the better content conversion that addresses your customers’ needs or answer potential questions they may have. We will design a nice user-friendly site, with faster loading speeds, and ensure your site is mobile friendly, getting traffic from content targeted to your site’s audience, including blog posts and other content on the site.

When the site is done, we will help you maintain your site for a low monthly maintenance fee. We’ll also show you how to market your site by using our built-in tools or other marketing tools that we suggest helping you generate more traffic and sales.

Pricing Information:

We have created an SEO Site Development & Marketing Pricing page Here. If you have any customized goal or services that you would like to discuss, you are welcome to do so by simply calling us. We are always willing to work with our clients to discuss further available options in order to get the job done.

Targeted Audience:

Local Small Businesses are our priority clients, as we have mentioned above, we believe we understand how much you have been through with your business, and understand that it takes lots of physical, mental effort and struggle to run a small business. We hope we can devote our effort to help you succeed in your business.

However, we are open to another area of clients too; we will extend our interest for any potential opportunity to serve and improve your business development.

Our Google Certificates:

metricbuzz.com Google Analytics certificate

metricbuzz.com Google Adwords certificate

metricbuzz.com Google Adwords certificate

About Founder:

Da Zheng

Web Developer & Founder

He has been doing web development and SEO marketing for a quite few years. He is experienced in website design, E-commerce design, Online branding, Ebay, and Amazon Selling. He also has many years of experience in extensive major SEO techniques such as Website SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Content Creation Strategy, rewriting links, backlinks building, SMM (social media marketing), viral marketing, conversion marketing, Etc.

Office Address:

3 Grace Ave Suite 110, Great Neck, NY 11021

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