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Employment Background Checks, Credit Reports, Tenant Screening & More!

AAA Credit Screening Services is here to service hiring managers, business owners and HR departments with their employment background check needs. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our local customer service department is industry trained to assist you in customizing the background check reports that you require.

Packages can be customized to include any of the following:

Once clients have been signed up, they can use our QuickAPP that allows customers to order reports directly from the app and AAA Credit Screening will do the follow up work for you, contacting applicants to complete the necessary information, send reminders and customers can even get their own customizable/branded page for screening services.

If you require bulk ordering, we offer that service through our InstaScreen System. Click on Batch Ordering for more information.

As always, our customer service department would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about ordering, products and they will also help you read and interpret the reports that you received.

Reports are available nationwide and for Canada.

AAA Credit Screening Services also provide:

employment background check

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Background Check Categories

Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks can help your business to avoid wasting resources in hiring and training employees, only to discover that the employment decision was based on insufficient or fabricated information.

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Business Reports

Business Credit Reports can help you answer the following questions: Can you trust your commercial tenant to pay rent on time? Will your new customer make their payments promptly?

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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening is a vital part of our business – our goal is to save our clients’ money by helping them make the most informed rental decision, decreasing the likelihood of property damage, late payments or crimes commited by tenants on your property.

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Nanny Background Checks

It is always hard to leave your little ones with someone else. If you are thinking of hiring a nanny to take care of your children at home while you're at work during the school year as well as the summer, making sure that you leave them with a reliable person is essential for your peace of mind.

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Contractor Background Checks

Contractor background checks can assist property owners in making informed decisions before allowing contractors to work and make repairs to their property.

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Commercial Tenant Credit Checks

Commercial Tenant Credit Reports enable commercial property owners to run credit reports on prospective tenants before leasing office, warehouse or retail space.

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employment background check

To Trust is Good, To Verify is Best!

We would all like to take a job candidate or tenant applicant at their word, but today's society doesn't allow us to be that trusting anymore, that is why running background checks have become so important.

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