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Learn how Zapier can give your busy work an extra automated hand?

Almost every business depends on some kind of web management tools to keep things running smoothly. E-mail, Evernote, Trello and Google sheets are some of the most widely used tools by these businesses. But all of these services being separate entities can lead to a huge loss of time because one would require transferring data from one to another. Moreover, building workflows and integrating the tasks becomes an even more painful task if you deal with a lot of apps to run your business. This is where automation comes into play.

Zapier is a tool that allows companies to integrate, automate and innovate their tasks, saving a significant amount of time and efforts put in by manually transferring data and preparing workflows. Focusing on user-created connections rather than on linking specific kinds of information like IFTTT, Zapier is perhaps the best teamwork automation app available out there. It lets you make your own, so your Zapier teamwork automation serves you with an exclusive experience depending upon the requirements of your business so that you can always focus on the more important things.

What is Zapier and what does it do?

Zapper is a web-based service allowing its users to integrate the web services or applications they use to create a smooth workflow creation and integration of the business activities. Explained in the simplest words possible, Zapier means easy automation for busy people. It enables a business to move information between the apps they use so that businesses can focus on what matters the most. This best teamwork automation app lets you integrate up to 750 apps together to create your own desired automation.

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The real high point for which small scale to medium-sized business often moves towards the Zapier teamwork automation is that one neither requires being a developer who knows a lick of codes to automate stuff nor does he/she need to hire one. Everything is as simple, easy and convenient as it can be. As the platform describes this automation, Zaps let you define an action and setting them up to repetition whenever the certain kind of triggers occurs. Zapier will let you create a connection between a huge array of apps according to the requirements of its user from its 750 plus apps, which is subject to the subscription opted by the user.

How does Zapier teamwork integration system work?

Integrate, Automate and Innovate; that’s how it’s all done. With Zapier, all the automation take place through highly customizable Zaps. The automation is achieved by combining triggers with the action required as a response. For example, you receive a new email in Gmail; zaps can be created to automate stuff to automatically save the attachment in the email onto your Dropbox and alert you in slack about the newly saved file. Here are the three simple steps you need to follow in order to use Zapier teamwork automation so that you no longer waste time doing repetitive tasks:

Make a Zap:

Previously we took an example of receiving a new email in the Gmail app, the receiving of the email is actually a trigger and saving the attachment onto the Dropbox platform and sending an alert comprises of our actions as a response to the stimuli. Another example can be a new entry from the Wufoo form (trigger) and create a new lead in the sales workforce (action). You do not require being a tech geek or knowing anything about coding to be able to create zaps, automating business now is as easy as it can get for you.

Just click on the ‘Make a Zap’ button from your dashboard to start. The action will take you to the Zap Editor window where you can set up triggers to initiate automatic actions. To do so, just enter the name of the app in the search bar of the Zap editor. This must be followed by a selection of the trigger. An app can have many triggers, so make sure you choose a trigger that suits the workflow you want to create. The triggers show the details of themselves to help you understand and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Now you are required to select the account for which the Zap has to be created. The selection of the required account takes you to the Trigger options where you can choose various options to customize the Zap.

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The creation of the trigger has to be followed by defining the action that the Zap has to undertake as a result of the stimulus. To do so, choose the app you want the action to be performed on. For commencing, tap on the “+” sign at the bottom left for the action to get assigned to the trigger under consideration. This should be followed by a selection of the action to be performed in the app you chose. Each action has a brief description below it, just to help you understand and choose the one that suits your workflow. Finally, choose the account that you want to use for Zap like in the previous steps.

Having a busy hand? Learn How Zapier can give you an extra robot automation hand.

Best Teamwork automation app does the work

Once you are done making zaps on an easy to navigate and friendly user-interface, Zapier will run them automatically, without any additional efforts from your side. The Zaps are highly customizable and they can be switched on and off whenever you require them to do so. These activities and monitoring the tasks being performed as a result of the automation can be done through a dashboard which even lets you manage your connected accounts.

Save time and money

With Zapier taking care of your repetitive tasks, you can shift your focus from moving information from one app to the other, to the core tasks of your main business. You no longer require hiring developers or spend your precious time developing complex integration for the services you use.

Plans to fit your needs: Features and pricing

Currently, Zapier offers two automation plans, free and premium.

The free forever plan includes your automation starter kit which includes the tools to help you get the best out of your most used apps. It allows users to build a one-to-one connection with the apps, automate basic tasks and get a top notch support from the consumer support team. The free plan lets you take the system for a drive and get a basic idea of the platform in case you might be thinking about upgrading to premium pack while for others, one-on-one app customization might be the most they can afford.

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Premium Plans provides users with extra powers. They always need to stay ahead of the competition. As the automation goes up, the labor consumption goes down, the same is the case with Zapier teamwork automation which significantly reduces the time and cost spent working on complex tasks of forming workflows and moving info from one platform to the other. The premium plan starts at as little as $20 per month which also offers a free 14-day trial to let you know if it serves your purpose. With premium features, you get more option with a higher degree of customization, in turn, a greater level of automation. It provides you with an option to upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you want.

Zapier V.S. IFTTT

IFTTT is a platform pretty much similar to that of Zapier which makes it its only real competitor in the market right now. While there are many features which are common to the two big players, there are some additional exclusive features subscribers get with Zapier which makes it the best teamwork integration app in the market. Zapier is built keeping business and productivity in focus. It works on a cause and effect model which by no means pose a limitation to the customization you can achieve to meet your demands.

IF This Then That (IFTTT) as the name suggests, also works on a cause and effect model but there is a significant difference between the two which makes Zapier teamwork automation a better choice. Recipes are to IFTTT what Zap is to Zapier, with a limitation that IFTTT has the ability only to link one app to the other. This makes Zapier a much more customizable option than IFTTT since it makes the later have a limited usability. Though the IFTTT platform is available across platforms unlike Zapier which works only on a web browser, and moreover, its recipes are easily available if you run out of ideas as creators already share them within the app which makes the platform a much more suited platform for a casual home user. For businesses, Zapier is a much more suited option since it allows for a greater customization and specialization for automating your processes.

When it comes to the integrations frontier, both the apps shares incredible similarities. While the number of integrations that IFTTT offers is about half what Zapier teamwork integration has to offer, but as already said it is more of the suited program for casual home use. The support of apps like hue and garage along with the multi-device support across platforms lets you do amazing interaction with your home and car. On the other hand, Zapier has a much wider usability regarding professional use since it lets users create a chain of actions which dramatically reduces the time consumed and efforts put in. Unlike Zapier, IFTTT platform doesn’t even let you link multiple accounts for the integration. While on the other hand, Zapier teamwork automation lets an entire company sync their Twitter accounts without any limitations on offer.

While on one hand where IFTTT being an entirely free model provides a limited automation to your business since no further features can be added by purchasing a subscription, which comes as a consequence of the platform being more suited to casual usage. On the other hand, Zapier has a much professional market cornered. It offers a free subscription which misses its important features like multiple steps zaps and the support for premium apps. The basic plans starting at as low as $20 is worth every penny spent on it. Returning to the basis of business v.s. casual use, IFTTT has got you covered with the lack of any fee required to use it, but its limited usage and the customization makes Zapier the best teamwork automation app with a low pricing policy and a huge range of applications it allows to integrate.

Why must you opt for Zapier Teamwork Automation for your Business?

In order to summarize everything and help you decide what differences, Zapier can bring about for your small to medium sized business, here are a list of features and benefits, Zapier has to offer. Zapier lets you:

  • Create automation activities between online services. Supporting an array of the business applications, Zapier offers a simple easy to use user interface.
  • Set up triggers and actions.
  • Connect over 500 apps.
  • Request apps to be added. It also features an online developer portal.
  • Automate business without the requirement of hiring a developer or having knowledge about coding.
  • Try the platform for free.
  • Automate repetitive tasks with Zap on/off switch.
  • Ongoing sync among various apps you need.
  • Link multiple accounts to the platform.

Zapier is the best when it comes to teamwork integration for professional usage. They key benefits Zapier brings into your business workflows are speed, consistency, and visibility. Automating your repetitive tasks using Zapier teamwork automation not only saves a lot of times and additional cost but also allows you to focus on core business activities. Since it supports a boatload of applications, one can get into the depths to automate activities beginning from a receiving f a trigger as simple as getting a new email to a response going through the nurturing process and eventually contributing to complex management tasks.

Having a busy hand? Learn How Zapier can give you an extra robot automation hand.
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