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What Is Growth Hacking?

Understand growth hacking marketing mindset within a growth hacker?

growth hacking secrets

Growth Hacking is an online marketing strategy performed by a Growth Hacker who understands skills of Coding, Design usability, SEO, Viral Share and finally Sales Funnel marketing by analyzing real analytics with relentless tweaking, optimization for better conversion results.

So what is A Growth Hacker? and what does he do really? Below are some of the Growth Hacker key Growth Hacking Marketing skills in my opinions.

growth hack produtivity


1. Growth Hacking Coding Skill: A Growth Hacker should understand basic coding skill as a web developer, this will help him to design the embed code, viral loop, API integrate with other platforms for on-going viral results.

growth hacking skills

1) Embed Code: if you site has a good product, you can build an embed widget for other Webmasters to use in their pages by reference as ‘Powered By’ to leverage other site’s traffic.

embed code

2) Growth Hacking API: if you want to drive traffic from WordPress, you can build a WordPress API plugin for your products to drive traffic from WordPress site owners.

Wordpress Plugin example


2. Growth Hacking Design Skill: A Growth Hacker understands how to design a site for better user experience such as page speed, mobile friendly, navigation, quality content, easy to use tools and flawless code.

As a result, better engagement, retention, viral referrals and happy customers.

Web Design Usability

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3. Growth Hacking SEO Skill: A Growth Hacker builds better SEO semantics page. It requires initial keywords research, on-page SEO tag, off-page backlink building strategy to drive more traffic and claim more page authority with relevant quality backlinks to compete for better positions when ranking on Google.

Check web page SEO code structure example:

Sign up Google Webmaster & Analytics tool to see live SEO data in action.

SEO backlink building

Growth Hacking Marketing content Strategy:

content marketing channels


4. Growth Hacking Viral Share tip: A Growth Hacker understands how to find best product market fit, design most viable product, getting user ruthless feedback, finally, design better-targeted content for their users to help them get the job done. as a result, more viral shares from loyal users to grow organically.

online sales funnel secrets

viral share referral

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5. Growth Hacking Analytics Skill: A Growth Hacker should need to know how to set up custom Google Analytic reports such as Filter, Event tracking, Goals, E-commerce, Segmentation and UTM campaign report with tweaking and optimization for better results.

Use Google URL Builder

Google Analytic skill


 6. Growth Hacking Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy:

He also needs to know a complete sales funnel marketing to help startup business generate leads or sales to survive at the beginning of the business, it is crucial for the most startup business. The fact is that most startup business struggle to make sales and die eventually.


The 8 Basic Sales Funnel marketing Components:

1) Reverse Engineer Technique; Don’t reinvent the wheel, monitor your influence competitor, learn from their success marketing campaign, replicate their sales funnel. you can use to track their online AD and referral traffic.


2) Then learn how to Generate targeted traffic from different Marketing Channels.

[wpzon keywords=”Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth” sindex=”Marketing” listing=”10″ country=”com” descr=”1″ col=”2″]
3) Understanding the mindset behind 3 types of traffic ’Code’ ‘Warm’ ‘Hot’ and strategies to treat them differently in your sales funnel.

4) Do you know DNA of 3 type of marketing traffics?

  1. If you buy media Ad or paid Advertising traffic online which you don’t control, that is paid traffic.
  2. If you claim Social media profile URL like, you earn the traffic, so that is called earn traffic. you get some level of control.
  3. The best traffic is Owned Traffic which you capture your users emails into your email marketing system, so you can build long term relationship to your end users by providing lots of values.


4) Build variant of landing pages to capture leads with A-B testing tool.

5) Follow up leads with proven email marketing system, understand the mental process of how to nurture your email list for trust and better conversion(Build your leader character in the email script!).

6) For Local business, design an information marketing video, grab their contact information with POPUP form, take them offline, call them to convert.

Use this tool to claim your local citations now


7) Follow up, Keep Follow-up! changing your sales funnel environment to sell them more valuable products in your sales value ladder.

8) Learn, test, analyze, scale and iterate the whole Growth Hacking Marketing process again.

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