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My Ultimate List of Web Development Strategies & Marketing Tools

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

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Morning!! It is a very good idea of summarizing all of my web development tools and other online resources to provide an entire one stop solution for mounting our business and especially for start-ups.


I realized most people have a hard time when trying to start their own online make money business journey, you don’t know how to start, what tools will you use to help you get started, how much time you will invest in this doubting business model, how do you make money? I hope my own experience and writing here could help you get started and understand the overall concept of the online marketing business.


Learning Curve: if you decided to do the most development work by yourself alone, there will be a significant learning curve time involved in it, you might want to first spend some time to learn the needed knowledge for this business journey. Or you have to hire an experienced web developer to help you along the way, this is indeed a better way for you. Check the learning resources at the bottom of the article.


Most important tip: always find proper tools or a good web developer to help you get the work done efficiently. In my past experience, almost anything your do, there is a proper tool to help you get the job done faster. If not, hire a good developer to help you get started. Don’t do anything by yourself, you will end up spending lots of time and still getting a bad design, bug code etc.

Note: All below tools are based on my own past real usage experiences, I only choose the right and efficient tools to help me get the word done faster and better.


I. Initial Planning Scope:

Couple Questions to ask yourself before the business?

1. How much time you have?

Time plays an important role in the success of anything, if you don’t have enough time to devote to it, it is hard to succeed!


2. Is your personality fit to this doubting business journey?

There will be up and down of your emotion in this struggling business journey, you will need the power of persistence and high stamina to prove that you can stay in the game.


3. Are you a business mind oriented person?

Business requires strong entrepreneurship, mindset, and skills, you should be confirmed that you have this quality of making things happen.


4. What is your expertise and how do you use it to make money online?

You will succeed if you do things you really enjoy and keep working hard on it, so knowing what is your passion and how will this passion help others will push your limit further.

5. Do your market research

You should know what you really going to do and understand your niche audience really well, those people that really need your content to solve their problems, improve their well-being, or save their time on work. They should be willing to pay for the services you provide, if your business is not there to make money at first, it is hard for you to survive later on.

6. How do you define your niche market?

For example: if you are selling women lingerie, there are many competitions in the market, you have to find a way narrow down your business model to find a specific smaller niche audience to escape away from the massive competitions in the market.

Women lingerie -> plus size women lingerie -> lace lingerie -> hight quality -> tailor to business class, etc. 

Keep narrow down your market segmentation to find the sweet spot where still has the demand for it is the key when conducting the market research.


7. Where do you get the funding?

Let’s face it, if you want to grow your business, hire a good developer and a designer, you need to get some fund in your pocket to keep the business going for a while before you even thinking about making money.

Ways of funding ideas:

1) Find a partner to split the risk of investment

2) Getting bank loan, this is a bad idea since the interest rate is high.

3) Ask your relatives or family to support you, tell them a good story for potential ROE in the future.

4) Crowdfunding if you have a good product to sell

5) If your service is for nonprofit, you might want a nonprofit organization to support you. It is also good for tax benefit.

6) Think big? look for venture capital funding for your business, you have to meet their high threshold!

7) Find a sponsorship when you have some decent traffic and user base.

8) Find an advertiser who wants to spend some money on your site


8. Choose your business model on how to make money?

Most people make the big mistake here, they start up on free services of whatever they bring to the table, but without knowing how to monetize the service or content at first, so they would end up struggling to make money later on. Eventually, if a business is hard to make money, you will lose your passion and the business will be dead soon.


So think about how to make money before even start an online business is a key to your success. Below are 11 ways that most businesses normally makes money online.


1) Membership Subscription: If you have great content, tools that people really want to pay for, then you can build some front end pages to showcase it, and then build a backend register login payment system to make money out your registered users. You should find a web developer to develop a complete website for this business model. This method also applies to sell your business later on, because you have much traffic and registered users as an asset.



2) Information product: You can sell information products to your niche audience, create an eye-catching graphic and persuasive writing script to boost your sales.



3) Selling Tool scripts: If you know some of the coding skill, you can develop your own tools to sell on your site.



4) Affiliate Marketing: You can sign up Amazon,, and for their affiliate links and promote their products on your site or from the social media channels. Even some of the paid advertising strategies.

Note: if you don’t have enough traffic, you may not make much money in doing this type of monetized method.



5) Advertising Revenue: most influential bloggers with lots of traffic use this simple method to make stable passive income online, they apply the AD from Google Adsense network, embed the code in their pages, when users click on the ad link, they got paid a small portion of the advertising fee called PPC(pay per click). There are many advertising platforms online, you can find other advertising integration services too.

Note: if you don’t have enough traffic, you may not make much money in doing this type of monetized method.


Advertising Solutions for Publishers and Marketers | BuySellAds

BuySellAds builds advertising solutions for publishers and marketers. Sell ads with powerful advertising technology, or buy ads that reach audiences at scale.

6) CPA – Cost Per Action (I personally love this monetizing method): You have to apply to the network, after approval, you can advertise their offers to your marketing channels. CPA means when user taking an action on your ad lead, you will get paid a small fraction of it. Normally, this method paid more than PPC and doesn’t require sales too.

Note: you need the quality content for this method to work for you, the content should be matched to your niche audience and ask them to take an action to your AD.


More Info:


7) Lead Generation: your website will be designed as a lead generation tool when users come to your site, they will see the information designed to tailor their mental desires, if they like to get further information, they have to fill out the information to receive your follow up phone call consultation.


More Info:


8) Business Partnership: talk to your potential business partners about opportunities and referrals to make money together.


9) Referral: Your online presence acting as a piece of trusted resource to attract some customers that are willing to pay you for the services you offered them. Your sales focus is to satisfy their business need and ask for referrals to grow your business.


10) Consultation: If people trust your expertise in their field, they will pay you to consult their businesses and help them grow. You have to show the proof data and experience first.


11) Sell your business: This is my favorite method. If you build some useful tools that most businesses want to use, you have good amount of register users who already paying for your service, your daily unique traffic is decent, many social media mentions, then you can sell your business to the company who really need your services and tools to help them grow their revenue and keep their users retention base, you might end up at selling a good price with a decent profit.

mobile web design

II. Now let’s talk about the web development process

1) Choose a good Hosting

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better”

Web hosting company is one of the very good ideas to take a footstep in any business.When we are about to choose a web hosting, there are many 5-star rated companies available online. It has been a greater difficulty to choose a better web hosting company.Finding a web host company which has happy users every day will be the best option.

I strongly recommend using the InMotionHosting, because of its WOW features:

I personally used the hosting service too. The technical support is friendly and prompt.

• Rich Customer Service

• 14-Year CNET Certified

• A+ Rating

• With more than 27,000 customer compliments in 2016

• 30-day Money-back Guarantee

• 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

• 24/7 U.S. Based Support

• FREE Setup by Managed Hosting

• Get up to 47% OFF Dedicated Servers

Moreover a friendly support whether you buy a server or not; doesn’t matter.


Branding Domain Name Search Tool

In recent days, every business spends a lot of time on choosing an unforgettable name for their official websites. There are tons of websites already available and distributed in all segments. An age of computer has changed the business game even for a petite retail store, they have their own websites along with the mobile app.

Here, you guys can find a superior domain search tool!! It’s a “Branding Domain Name Search Tool”. This tool helps to find the best domain name related to your industry with its price combinations. Also, it had an option to know which one is acquired and its information. This will helps to make a better decision instantly.

Tool: Business name generator
Tool: Instant domain search


2) Content Development for Beginners

“WordPress! We don’t just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.”

Everybody thinks “Coding is required to build a website”, but all you want is WordPress. Even if you’re ZERO in coding, you can build a simple content management website. Most of the websites in the world are built on WordPress. Easy navigation, code error free, easy to editing, many plugins to choose from, stable to use, and SEO friendly platform are the main reason to opt for WordPress. There are millions of hidden ideas and features which make WordPress big.

Website Speed! It’s a vital matter today. Even Google says that a website with good loading time gets a minor boost in the search engine rankings (SERP’s). When you’re going with WordPress; you never have to worry about the speed and responsive themes. WordPress has plugins through which we can optimize the speed and the network functionality.


3) Buy or free – Install a Fancy WordPress Themes, Include E-commerce one.

“Websites should look good from the inside and out”

Of course, anyone can find free WordPress themes through online in a single shot. But we have a little snag in this. All free themes will not be performing healthy in the search engine or customized of what you exactly demand. There is a theory called “Investment always gets you the ROI very soon”.

The user can install a fresh, clean, spam free, secured and fancy WordPress themes which match the business needs Here.

Optimize press is an alternative solution to design your own website in less than 15 minutes. It is very powerful and easy to use for building any type of WordPress site.

Optimize Press Features:

• Create Sales Pages

• Converting Landing Pages

• Membership Portals

• Complete Launch Funnels

• Authority Blog Sites


4) How to setup WordPress digital software download site:

How to Design a WordPress Affiliate Program Ecommerce Site?


Adding WordPress free SSL (means your URL start with Https – hyper text transfer protocol secure)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) stands for standard security technology. This deals with the transaction between a web browser and web server. SSL certification is necessary to establish a safe connection between the server and browser.

You will get the free SSL with and its WP plugin installed.



WordPress Ecommerce plugins for tangible and digital download products:

WordPress e-commerce plugin plays a crucial role for a website. WordPress has different types of plugin, it depends on the requirement (what we need, what is required). For example, if you are selling a tangible product it requires inventory management. It can be established by install the Plugin.



How to build a WordPress Affiliate referral Ecommerce site?

Tools you will need:

1.Install WordPress on your hosting server, then you can find free themes in the admin panel “Appearance”, “Themes”, or you can buy the paid themes if you want the premium features. I used the free themes.

2. You will also need the free SSL, register a free account, install the CloudFlare WordPress plugin, then configure the proper settings. If you don’t know how to do the settings, you can study the videos on Youtube or always find a web developer to help you get the job done. It is easy for them, but it is might be hard for a non-tech people like you.


3. If you want to sell the downloadable digital products, I strongly recommend using the Plugin, you can set up different payment method in the plugin like Paypal, Stripe etc. It will save you lots of time to configure things the right way.

4. You want people who have the marketing power to help you sell your digital products, so the AffiliateWP will definitely turn your site into a powerful recruiting machine, it is based on referral incentive base structure, you can manage the users, see the sales and pay them on a monthly basis.





5. How to find webmasters who are willing to sell your products?

Check sites like or, search for those people with the marketing power, show them your digital products, ask them if they want to promote for you or not. Please understand they will accept or not it is really based on how good your product is?

6. Focus on the niche marketing who is interesting in buying your products. If your product doesn’t have a niche market that people willing to buy, then you might be ending up wasting on your marketing effort, because people just not buying it. So it is really important to understand your product has a niche market or not even before you start it.

Learn from, it used all the tools and plugins I mentioned here to build a complete WordPress Ecommerce affiliate referral base site that selling digital products.


5) List of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

“WordPress Plugin! You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.”


W3 Total Cache:
User experience and Search engine optimization of your website can be increased by decreasing the features like CDN integrations which can be done by W3 Total Cache plugin.

Ad Inserter:
A plugin that makes us optimize the placements of the advertisement over the website. It is very simple by entering any ad or HTML/Javascript/PHP code and selecting the location where the ads should be posted.

It looks simple yet a powerful plugin to insert any ad or code into WordPress. Using this user can post all kind of ads including AdSense and Amazon. Insert anything anywhere on the page.


Better Click to Tweet:
“Tweet! You are what you share”

Append the twitter plugin to share your posts and pages. The user can get more exposure for their post on Twitter, which is the second largest social network having more number of users.


Buttons X-Lite:
With the help of the ‘Buttons X-Lite’, you can build any kind of CSS3 buttons from your WordPress dashboard. Those buttons are completely responsive without any coding efforts.


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:
This plugin will insert the tracking code in all of your website pages. Automatically it starts monitoring the traffic, real-time statistics, acquisition channels and traffic sources. The analytics reports will be shown in the dashboard.


Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+:
Create social media share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus in one shot. This can be done by adding up a simple code.


Incoming Links: (This is a really useful one too)
Monitoring the backlinks is more important than building backlinks. This tool will assist keep on tracking the reports of the existing backlinks and monitoring the incoming links.
NextScripts facilitate to brand our business socially. It Shares blog posted on all our connected social networking websites. The one which I prefer tool is Social Networks Auto-Poster, It is a paid version. It permits users to auto post their articles to all the connected social profiles.


seo quiz

WP Viral Quiz: (I strongly recommend this one too)
Whatever we do on the website, finally we require engaging the users by representing the content in different formats. I strongly recommended this tool which creates awesome viral quizzes on your blogs, as buzz feed does with more features.


WPS Hide Login: (I strongly recommend this one too)
Security is the one we are always talking about. Finally, we should protect our data from data leakage or by hacks. WPS Hide login let you change the login URL name as you like. In other words, it protects your website by changing the login URL and preventing access to the wp-login.php page and wp-admin directory while not logged-in. Before a year my website was hacked and this tool helps to avoid further hacking.


Preventing usual attempts of login can be done by Loginizer. This plugin blocks the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. Also, sends an email to the administrator about the attempt.


Yoast SEO: (must installed)
The exclusive solution for all our SEO activities in the website is Yoast SEO. It was actually called as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It helps in analyzing the website in a real time and other features which make the site even better for web spiders and to the users.


Post Views Counter:
Post view counter is a superlative replacement for WP-post views which displays, how many times a post is viewed in a reliable way.


Social Locker | BizPanda:
Biz panda is one of the greatest tools, I would like to suggest SocialLocker; it is used to build social backlinks. Social locker contains a set of social buttons and a lock. The lock gets opened when an article or post of yours will get shared throughout it.


Contact Form 7:
Contact Form 7 plugin will facilitate to supervise all the contact forms on the website. Triggering mail content made easy with a simple markup.


Easy Digital Downloads (Must use plugin if want to build a digital e-commerce site):
It’s all about a complete solution for all your e-commerce desires. This is the easiest way to sell digital products with WordPress.


AffiliateWP (Must use plugin if want to build a digital and affiliate referral based e-commerce site):
AffiliateWP provides affiliate marketing tools and it helps you to build a referral incentive based payout engine to make more sales. It is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin.


Cloudflare speeds up your WordPress site with protection. This is used for getting site URL as secure HTTS.

Cloudflare Offering CDN, DNS, DDoS protection with security. You have to get the site URL as SSL/HTTPS to protect your WordPress site. Even Google says that a website which is having SSL/HTTPS will get an inconsequential boost in the search engine rankings.


Keyword Difficulty Tool:
Be smart, competitive keywords are hard to rank, let’s find an easier one. Choosing the best marketing keywords is the key to success for any search engine optimization campaign.

You cannot rank single phrase or two phrase keywords very easily as you think. Keyword difficulty tool lets you find out the intricacy of a keyword which facilitates to choose superior easy keywords.


Everyone in the world wants unique information. Search engine spiders are always looking for unique data to crawl and hoard in their data servers. Plagiarism is a tool which helps to indicate the replica content. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content, keep Google happy. Also, detects the copies of your posts which are copied. An options page can also be obtainable in the Settings menu.


To Add AMP Mobile News Format will prop up to your WordPress site.Accelerated mobile pages plugin discovered to improve the user experience. It supports and increases the UX across all platforms.

What AMP Provides?

• Higher Performance and Engagement

• Flexibility and Results


OneSignal: – Free Web Push Notifications, keep your users in your viral loop.
OneSignal is a free web push notification plugin which pushes notification across all type of devices. One signal supports iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone, Unity 3D, Phone gap, and Marmalade.

6) Where to find your affordable graphic designers, web developers, content editors to get your works done?

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

In Google, we can establish a Millions of web designers. For example, if we are searching for “Graphic Designers” means it will show up some details. Even though I am not sure that if they are affordable? There are many highly rated graphic designers in the web, you need to research more to know about them. Rather than spending time on analyzing each, try the affordable Fiverr services. There you can find plenty of designers and developers for all your web needs.


How do you judge if a developer or designer with good or bad skill?

1. Prepare an initial design process information in both writing script and graphic format, the graphic design guide always better to show what is your design process in your mind.

2. Don’t jam your information altogether, make sure use the bullet list or separate the design ideas step by step. Your developer will understand your design flow better if you really lay out your information in an orderly manner.

3. Then, contact about 5-10 developers, share your design process information, whoever that respond you quick enough with informative content, able to answer your questions, great communication skills, show you their past design work, proof of their expertise will be the right candidate for your work.

4. If you spot someone who lacks above quality, then you might want to move on and look for the next one.

5. You don’t really need to always trust the reviews because sometimes it doesn’t mean much of their quality or skills. Also, people leave good reviews for the sake of good manner.


Create an account for free in to find high-quality vector graphics, clipart, icons, and photos. Which is more affordable than any other sources like Shutterstock, freevector etc.

You can also find some of the free icons here.


7) Use complete automation tool like to help you speed up your work.

Most of the petite and mid-sized business people have heard about Zapier. It is an online tool which aid to computerize the tasks between the apps which speed up the work. Technical assets are not essential to automate the process.

Zapier and IFTTT are the vital tools that users need to know which can automate between 2-3 web apps.

Both Zapier and IFTTT are Editors Choice winners and are well worth using.

8) Proofread- Text with the smart grammar software

“Grammar is the grave of Letters”

Write at the Speed of Life | Grammarly

Starting a new chapter is never easy and is often full of surprises. Grammarly’s free writing app can help you meet these moments head on. Get it here: http:…

Grammatical errors can make a quality user out of our website which increases the bounce rate. It also affects the SEO in major ways. A perfect keyword will be disvalued by a small grammatical error.

Get your grammatical issues solved instantly with Grammarly.


9) Google Analytic and Google Webmaster tools

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.”

Website Owners eagerly want to analyze how many fellows are visiting their websites. Google Analytics is a free tool which helps to keep on tracking of your website visitors, page views, where they are landing on the site; bounce rate, user flow between the pages, referral, organic and social traffic, new visitors, and returning visitors. We can get more free features by installing a small code in your pages.

Google webmaster is a supportive tool which helps to analyze the missing SEO elements on the website. With this tool, we can augment or reduce the crawl rate, Search queries generated, duplicate meta and title tags between the pages, 404 errors and other soft and hard errors, index status, search appearances, etc. (especially for e-commerce website – Make use of structured data, data highlighter, rich cards and HTML improvements)


10) Use email software to communicate with your audiences; make sure set up the WordPress plugin also.

Start your free, no-risk, 30-day trial! affordable email marketing software to grow up your business. Create, send and track effective email campaign with easy steps. No coding knowledge is required. Start the 30 days trial with no risk.

All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business:

• Email marketing

• Webinars

• Landing pages

• Lead generation

• Marketing automation


II. Web development process (second part)

11) Web development technical skill analysis

If you want to develop a site other than using the WordPress CMS, then you have to know some coding languages Or find a good web developer to help you get the job done.

Warning: Writing the code from scratch is a bad idea, you will end up fixing the broken code all the time. So always trying to find a stable code of framework that proven to be reliable in the time of history, this will save you lots of time and give you some freedom of breathing room. For example, if you are developing a site using PHP, then you have to choose the stable PHP framework like Laravel, Symfony, etc. I saw most inexperienced developers make these type of stupid mistakes and they end up keep fixing the code which is totally waste of time.

Some of the web languages design guide:

1. HTML, you have to learn this web page language to write text to your browser and give a standard semantic for web browsers like Chrome to translate the content.

2. CSS, this is for your web page design language, after you learn this language, you will know how to design your pages that look fancy and improve the usability. You will also have to learn the CSS mobile responsive framework like Bootstrap to design a better site. If not, you are going to have problems to fix your site mobile responsive issues.

3. Javascript, This is for manipulating the HTML and CSS to give you more rich content features.

4. PHP and Mysql: PHP is for developing a login register system that talks to your web server, the code is hidden from the users and the web browsers. The Mysql is for storing the values in the database that make your login system data loading faster and reliable.

5. Web API knowledge

Understand how to use web APIs is really critical to developing a rich feature site. Most websites used some type of API that integrate new report data into their businesses for users to consume. You have to understand different types of languages such as HTML Dom, Javascript, Json, PHP, Curl, HTTP protocols in order to use the API services from different companies, Some of the API services are free, but most of their services are not free.

You can find some of the free API code in

API example: if you scroll down to most of the technology sites at footer, you will see the word called “API“, then click it to find out more information on how to use it? check this one

You can learn all those above languages in the


12) Web development tools analysis


Don’t reinvent the wheel, people already have done it before you“. The fact is that if you want to build something, people already have done it before, so all you have to do is to study what kind of development tools or frameworks they have used, then you just need to implement what they have used in your web development processes to get the job done. is a browser based web technology detector that shows you all the needed information with a button click.



You can find out the alternative sites and technologies that related to your business and learn from them.



You can search for thousands of the tools already coded for you in the above site and installed on your own site. If you don’t know how to install the code, always consult a good web developer.


4. Web security tool

If you are worried about site security issues, you can use Sitelock, it is pretty affordable. It helps you detect hacking, virus and other related threats on your site.

Your users will feel safe to use your site if it is protected by HTTPS and some type of security badges.



If you want to install a forum to your business, you can use PhpBB, it is free, easy to install, customized and reliable for the beginners.

You can install the forum in your web server Cpanel.



A free website competitive edge analysis service, it shows you the traffic report, advertising report, search report, your audience niche, mobile app and so on.



Spyfu free report is pretty decent too, you can find out your competitors keyword report, advertising report, backlink report and so on.



This is a great tool to check if your content is copied from somewhere else, Google will punish the copy content and downgrade your search ranking online.



It is a free tool, you can input your company or brand name to see if people talking about your business on most social media activities., this is a paid tool which gives you much powerful social mention report.



You can monitor your new incoming backlinks by using this tool, it has free and paid version, it is also available in WordPress plugin.


III. Main Brainstorming ideas to market your newbie site?

For How to use Local Paid Advertising, please check here.

“Brainstorming is a nexus of ideas”

Learn how does the Inbound Marketing work?


1. “Content is the king” keep writing good content that your users love to read and share it for a reason. Content is like the real estate that keeps giving you the quality search traffic and backlinks. A useful content will always be read and shared by thousands of users. There are plenty of content available online for the same topic, but only a few rocks that stayed in many hearts. Research and write your own ideas which could be helpful in many ways. “Do not make the marketing content, but just wait for the traffic! The aim can be marketing but the information should not sense like that.”

Content marketing steps to follow:

• Take one of your service or product

• Research and find a best popular similar topic using Buzzsumo

• Write content on your own niche targeting with the single long tail keyword

For EX: If you write an article about weight loss, then you will be falling in the big sea of weight loss articles. They are tons.

You need to be more specific in every writing. Weight loss using Garcinia Cambogia in 7 days will be a good specific niche.

Use a combo of Google Planner, Google instant search suggestions, Pinterest search suggestions, Keyword Difficulty tool and Google Trend to understand which the hot keyword with low competition rate is?


2. If you are selling tangible products, you can use Ebay, Amazon, and Google Shopping marketplace to advertise and sell your products. You can also use Clickfunnels to sell information products. You can also join venture with other Webmasters that help you sell digital products. A site like

You can boost your business by setting up a perfect sales funnel. Clickfunnels helps you to do that with the little tricky mechanism. You need to clearly understand what your customer’s needs and wants. There is a difference between needs and wants. For example, I want a burger and also need a French fries, coke which makes the marketing funnel success to McDonald’s.


3. Find out who are your niche audience, and then target those niche forums(kind of like an online congregation), engage with the audience there. For example, if you are writing about virtual reality content, then is a good easy forum to start the marketing.

Make the forums to work for you:

• Register with your real name and fill all the fields

• Give an Intro

• Do not be with the intention of marketing your product/service in the first shot

• Stay calm, Help others a lot; just for free, so that the senior members of the forum treat you as Gold.

• Increase your reputation by giving awesome replies

• Do at least 100 plus posts, I mean help at least 100 plus peoples or questions.

• Wait! And help again with 20% marketing in mind

• Sooner the forum members will refer you when someone asked related to the service you’re providing

All these can be done in a high moderated forum to get business. Search “any niche + forum” in search engine to find the best top rated forums


4. Use content advertising platform for reaching millions of audience at an affordable price. Make your content published on CNN, people, ESPN and other thousands of news portals to get maximum exposure.


5. is one of the greatest social bookmarking sites in the world, because of its high moderation system. Reddit has a number of users which make the information gets posted in the targeted category. Reddit also acts as a discussion sharing platform where users ask or share their opinion and the users of Reddit responding to that.

How to promote your business on Reddit?

1). Register and verify the email

2). Give valuable comment on other posts related to your industry

3). Get increased of your karma score

4). Buy the affordable Reddit Gold membership

5). Post as text links in the right Subreddit, read the rules of Subreddit you’re trying to post.

6). Create a discussion, create exposure.


6. Use, it is good for SEO marketing content.
As I said earlier forums are the great way to explore any business. Digital point is one of the best SEO or internet marketing where you can promote and engage if the business is something relevant to web industry.


growth hacking secrets

7. Learn how to conduct on Growth Hack Marketing!


What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacker Ultimate Marketing Tools & Resources


Creating a widget, extension, Add-on, and plugins that can have massive exposure rate.

The topics of growth hacking spark many valuable discussions, content, comments in the last 4 years. The term growth hacker is discovered on 2010 by Sean Ellis. The companies like Facebook, Dropbox with many others used this technique to grow more and more.


8. Hire social media marketer will help you posting engage content in your social media account and raise the fan volume. You can spend some money on the social media advertising too. Not just sharing content alone and also it will create social brand awareness. You have to prepare a strategy plan before posting to it.

Before posting everyone should remember that social media websites were discovered to entertain the people, not to the business. But nowadays many businesses attracted to the Social Medias.

For example, Facebook marketing

• Collect all the related data before posting into any social media

• Post on the right time, every 8 hours

• 20% of your posts can be a marketing content

• All others should be engaging posts, fun facts, quiz, videos, blogs, Gif, Question and answers, inspirational quotes or anything which makes the user stay In-between do the marketing actions.

Tumblr Marketing for entertainment audience is a great site that tailors to the people that interested in different types of entertainment style content. You just need to find a similar content like Tumblr account that has many followers, talk to the account owner for possible deals that help you spread your message to the wide range of audience.

360 video is the new marketing media on Facebook, you can buy a 360 video camera, create a 360 video of your business, then use the video to advertise using the Facebook AD, we have tried it, it is powerful and effective to attract the eyeballs and likes. You can learn more here


9. Creating content as video format, and upload to YouTube. Still, no other video sharing portals beat the YouTube because of its subscribers. Moving images or otherwise called as videos will get more exposure than a banner. Explainer videos of a business can be easily understandable within some minutes than reading it’s about us page.

We need to cover all type of audiences; I mean representing the content in different formats to make the customers comfortable in understanding our business. press release report 2

10. Doing quality Press Release to boost your online visibility and backlinks to your sites. Local news or local announcement can be released via press to get more exposure. Person to person marketing cannot work all the time when you’re launching a product or inventing a service. There are many press release websites that anyone can find online. Choosing the right PR websites is purely depends on your target. If you planned to release it locally then go for location based press release sites. For a brand, promotions go with all kind of press release submissions (Globally and locally).


11. creates content to engage with your audience. LinkedIn acquired slide share because of the professionalism hid inside the slide share. LinkedIn is of the best high domain authority documents sharing the website where anyone can register for free and upload their document.

Features of Slide Share:

• Global rank is 144

• In India slide share ranked in 72nd position

• The majority of the traffic comes from the United States, Mexico, and India.

• Domain authority is 95.01

• Featured slide share gets tons of views

• Accepts presentation, document, Video, and PDF.

• Males and females are almost equal

Steps for better Slideshare marketing:

1) Find relevant hot topic related to your niche

2) Use Buzzsumo, Google instant search, Buffer, Reddit and Feedly for finding the trending topics.

3) Content which helps others will be seen by many people, So prepare content to help others in terms of valuable information.

4) For example: If your niche is “Weight loss” then creating at least 10 presentations and uploading in the SlideShare will give you better results.

  • Tips for weight loss in 7 days
  • How to lose weight in 2 weeks at home without exercise
  • How to lose weight naturally using home remedies
  • Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed
  • Amazon best weight loss products
  • Tips to increase metabolism and burn fat…etc

5) Posting in the SlideShare alone doesn’t give you enough traffic

6) Just show to the outside world

7) Share the presentation in your social media accounts and related social groups

8) Get more followers on Slideshare, brand yourself.

9) Add a Pulse in your LinkedIn about the SlideShare

10) Mention the post in your website, Use it for outbound links for the related keywords.


12. Research your potential related businesses in the same industry and call them to discuss some possible opportunities. If you’re in marketing then you must know about B2B marketing. In recent eras, many companies are looking for an acquisition. Partnering with a company gets more benefits then struggling as single.

If you’re a start-up then call the mid-sized companies who are looking for best hire! Speak with them; share your thoughts and expertise. Grow together.


13. Online advertising became a confusing sector for the new bees. Even an expertise gets failed by advertising the right thing on the wrong place. If you want to see which ads work? We show you what works, so your ads will succeed every time! Learn more to understand how AD work?.



14. How to get quality high ranking backlinks?

If you post links on most social media platforms, you don’t earn the link, you just share a link, Google ranking won’t look at the links as the authority link, so it doesn’t help you gain a higher ranking in the search results.

So, you have to get the quality backlinks from the quality high ranking sites. If you write a quality article that worth mentioning by, then it is considered a good backlink since it is linking to the quality site.

More Backlink Resource To Read


submit a guest post

Guest post idea:

You can write a quality article and submit it to the below sites, wait for their time on moderation and approval. Or you can find a professional Guest post writer who has the writing privilege to some authority sites, ask him or her to write for you and publish the article, you will find it dramatically improve the acceptance rate.

You can find some of the guest posting services Here.
You should submit your idea pitch from an email to [email protected]. Make sure with proper title, ideas scripting and no attachment.
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here
Submit here


15. Ideas that Spice Up Marketing Content which will Tap into Audience’s Emotion

TIP: The purpose of creating emotional content that people want is to encourage the creation, upload, share and discussion online to expose your business in a viral way.


1) Controversy

People love controversy content, it wires to their brain in an intrinsic way for debate and argument. Most people can’t help their nerves to donate content online when they see the controversy content, I guess they want to prove they are right among others.


2) Privacy

Today, the internet technology penetrates every area of people’s lives, the News station talks about it all the time, people start to realize the importance of protecting their privacy online. The Big Data and Internet of Things will transform your devices and surroundings into the smart objects and upload your data to the cloud, people want to know all possible solutions to protect their privacy now more than ever.


3) Political views

Left wing, right wing, far right, far left, liberalism, extremism and terrorism, these ideologies become the viral topics and part of our daily life in the digital world. I mean, open your phone app, you will see all kind of news talk about that. People start participating in political debates more than ever for their own social benefits.


4) Celebrity scandals

There is all kind of gossip magazines focus on these topics that make lots of sale copies. People love to read these type of celebrity news and kind of sneaking into their private lifestyle to fulfill their own carving of being successful and dreaming a luxury life like that. This type of appetite craving drives significant impact in their brain reward system.


5) Sex sells

According to the revolution theory, our human’s main purpose is to have sex and reproduce for the next generation to survive on this planet. So our brain is born with a social hierarchy priority sensation attached to those emotions such as sexuality, lust, shyness, love, and mystery of the bisexual body. People intrinsic born with the sex craving to consume the content that related to the sex, don’t believe the fact, just go online and search trend data that people consume on the adult entertainment industry.

Sigmund Freud regarded sexuality as the principle motivator of humans.


6) Scam News

People are more sensitive to the online information today, their life experience tells them that there are many scam information online, so when people are doubtful of anything they are not familiar with such as investing, medical treatments and fake news, they are always searching for potential scam news about it to make sure whatever they are buy-in is good for them.


7) Trending & Future

People never satisfied with the Status Quo, they always want something new to reward their brain thirsty lust, this is another never stop human intrinsic behavior that drives the human civilization from the agriculture, the industrial revolution, and the current digital world. So people will always want to discuss and predict what is going to be the next big thing happing soon!


8) News hijacking

Want to promote your business? you need to learn about when news media companies publish the news that related to your business, use the News Hijacking technique for your own benefit that drives customers to your business and improves your brand visibilities online.


9) Inside your mind

Religious, Psychic reading, fortune teller and mental health consulting all have many worshippers. Since the ancient time when human first encounter fire, they don’t know how the fire mystery work, instead they choose to worship it. So we as human have a tendency of worshiping anything that we don’t understand in nature, people with that kind of mindset will love this type of spirituality guidance.


10) Retro memory

People are tired of new lousy bullshit happening every day in our life, they want some room to breathe the fresh air, so they look back to the history for some retro memory that will bring them to a peaceful life. This type of mindset tendency is also a niche trend that most people would like to hear about.


There is a lot more science about the human brain and psychology craving, reward system, and interactions with the world, you just need to study more to use it.


IV. Website learning resources recommended:


This is my favorite go-to growth hacking resource guide, I learned about how viral loop, double viral loop work and other useful non-SEO type of marketing methods.



If you want to learn some of the new SEO techniques, you should learn from this site, the author has some really new ideas about how human phycology apply to the SEO marketing.



This is a Growth Hacker forum, you can learn from different people there and submit your quality post that waiting for their strict approval rate.



This is a FAQ based forum, you can find many quality answers there by many expert people in your field.



This is a really quality SEO based forum, the site provides good SEO tools, quizzes, and the premium marketing content.



If you want to learn some of the investing strategies, this is the go-to resource site for the beginners to understand how does the investing work? You will learn many different bizarre terminologies there.


V. If you want to succeed in anything, feeding your brain with good information is so critical!

Understand the Information hierarchy: My thoughts on how to read a better book?


1. Investment books

If you are not making money while you are sleeping, then you are doomed to work and sweat all your life. To understand how money and market work is so critical to appreciate your asset value other than the inflation eat off. The stock market is like a sea that river, lake water gathered if you understand how price fluctuates and interest rate work, you might profit from the market likelihood. I strongly recommend any books from Warren Buffet, George Soros and Ray Dalio, don’t read those professor books, but people that have practical experiences and really make a chunk of the money in the market in the past.

Traditionally in most countries, parents rely on their children to take care of them when they are getting old, it is deeply rooted in their cultures which they think it is OK to follow a life style like that. But it actually creates a huge berden on the young people’s liablity and life style, not to mentioned if the economy not doing good, pay check not increase and the inflation rate is quite high today, no wonder most young people today feel huge burder of the suvival and not able to enjoy their life. If everyone start to learn about the investment and doing it when we are young, then we can rely on the market profit leverage to help us when we are retired, then our children can be free of the responsibility and enjoy the life better, I think this is a better society for all of us.


2. Philosophy books

The reasoning, source of intelligent are developed from the ancient Greek philosophy ideas, so if you understand what the philosophy really is and how to think like a philosopher that apply to your real life, you can understand the world in an effective way that helps you achieved things greatly without keep puzzling in your brain.


3. Mathematics books

Most people learn languages as words meaning that taught you how to read, but when you encounter the advance problems like engineering, space science, physics or computer science, you will suffer the understanding difficulties if you just know how to read the words. The math is another abstract language understanding of the most advanced knowledge in the world that you need to master in order to achieve the great things. After all, if you understand the advanced math, you will find yourself adapt to any type of knowledge easily and learn things on your own without teachers in most cases.


4. Religion books

People’s life and culture are deeply shaped or rooted by their religion faiths, so if you understand the world religions better, then you master a universal language to understand how different people think, live by their fundamental faiths, you learned how to think in their behalf and put on their shoes to feel their heart. The world will be a much peaceful place if people understand each other better, they will stop fighting for their beliefs and learned how to love each other, isn’t it better?


5. Psychology books

It magically grants you the ability of how to read people’s mind, you can use to predict the market price, human behaviors, healing depressed people, improve a relationship and study many social issues that will benefit our life.


I would love to hear your insights or inspirational ideas, please leave comments below to help a newbie to succeed online without wasting their time and be scammed by the bad information!(there are a lot out there)

Any questions, you can drop me a message here.

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