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How Viral Loop Marketing Strategies Work?

Introduction to Viral Loop Marketing

Viral loop marketing is otherwise known as viral advertising which is used to endorse a company or a product; the term viral means spreading a message rapidly across the internet. A viral loop is created to make a product reachable across millions of internet visitors within a short span of time; the greatest advantage of the viral loop is they grow exponentially when the customer shares the information with many other users on the internet.

Secret of viral loop marketing

Viral marketing is one of the efficient methods to spread the product across the world; it uses the customers as the marketing agents within the social networking channels to reach the people of different genres. Being the cheapest marketing technique, startups use viral marketing to reach a wide customer base with no big efforts involved; with the power of viral loop, the businesses can sell merely anything to customers.

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How does viral marketing works

Viral marketing is a business strategy that works by providing incentives to customers – the customer profit acts as a reason why people share the message to others; the incentive can be free product or service, rewards, gift coupons and more. Beyond incentives, a viral campaign should contain a good content that induces the audience to share with groups – the content can be videos, blog posts, games, images and other related posts that provide value to the customers.

The Science behind the viral loop

The success of viral marketing is defined by the mathematical formula, which evaluates the performance before the loop is being implemented, the formula is as follows


Each variable present in the formula holds a unique characteristic in viral marketing – the VC stands for viral coefficient, N stands for the average number of customers invited by the active users, P1 denotes the invited users who tend to became the active user of the product, P2 will be the active users who are interested in referring the another user. The formula can be leveraged by multiplying the applied values of N, P1, and P2 to find the growth of the viral loop; for instance, if VC is greater than 1, the growth of viral loop is expected to increase rapidly across every area.

Introduction to Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting different marketing channels to identify the lucrative platform that obtains business; this process indirectly improves the business performance by improving the product sales. Growth hacking follows both conventional and non-conventional methods to enhance the businesses – the growth hackers are the marketing agents, engineers who are involved in the process of building the customer base.

Growth hacking with SEO

• Growth hacking takes the advantage of traditional marketing by implementing the social media advertising; it follows various types of techniques through which the marketing can be done, it includes Rapid testing persuasive copy and e-mail marketing.

• These techniques trigger towards the new users with attractive offers that improve the product sign up rate; it is imposed combing viral loop with SEO strategies – the backlinks is an SEO technique that assists in placing the website in the top position of search engine ranking page.

• Growth hacking also involves in on-line community management or social outreach programs by which the visitor’s count can be increased; it also acts as the online marketing ecosystem that imposes search engine optimization, website based analytics, and content marketing.

What is Double Viral Loop Business model?

Double viral looping model converts the customer into a business representative who can act as the part of the company in spreading the content as well as becomes the consumer of the product or service. YouTube is one of the best examples of the double viral loop which displays the different categories of posted videos by facilitating the user to browse or upload their newly created videos online.

Through viral marketing, YouTube creates new customers by empowering them to make a profit through video sharing, publishing, advertising, and subscribing option which increases the visitors to the customer page. The double viral loop gets processed when the customer gets benefits from the post, which makes the visitor share or refer to other visitors by increasing the number of visitors to the website – if the website holds more persuasive content, the time spent by the every user may gradually increase.

Strategies in Viral Loop Marketing

Pay more to get paid more:

Pay more to get paid more strategy offers certain rewards to the referrer when the login information and account has been verified from the visitor’s side; for an instance, the travel application called Go Ibibio offers referral bonus that cannot be used for a single ride. Through this application the customer gets benefits from a free ride, the business also gets expanded with the introduction of new customers.

Harness the benefit of social media

Social network platform like Facebook makes the user to get engaged through chats, comments, posting personal views on any product, people or service – candy crush is one of the successful gaming applications to benefited through social media. It assists in crossing all challenging levels through getting guidance from the other users in social media as well as expands the app users by referring new friends to the game.

Introducing Personal Offers

Personal offers or bonus is the initial phase of viral marketing technique; this strategy works by offering signup bonus for every new user – the initial bonus improves the product sales by adding new customers in every signup. It works by gaining customer attention through displaying the list of customers who have purchased the product at the lowest price – the seasonal offers, personal offers and displaying featured products similar to their interested products also improves the selling benefits.

Build social responsibilities

The business consumers will find a value in their purchase by introducing social development programs or aiding charity groups, this makes your business more meaningful by making the customers a socially responsible person. This method has been successfully implemented by Amway, which donates a penny to charity during every product purchase; contributing to social welfare will get customers attention towards the business, in turn, increases your sales.

MEME benefits

In the transforming social digital world, the viral marketer should identify the right strategy to perform the effective marketing; one of the most interesting options is MEMES that are designed to match the business content. MEMES have a faster impact towards the customers than any other content; the infographics with animations, interviews, and videos of a product will also play an important role in influencing the audience.

Find a suitable platform

Identifying the suitable platform that takes your business product or service to millions of customers is important to the success of viral marketing, one such productive platform is social media – the successful social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will offer a huge response to your videos, graphics, and MEMES within a short span of time.

Tupperware Scheme

In the early stages, when there are no social media tools like Facebook or Twitter, Tupperware – A food grade plastic manufacturer improved their business by organizing a huge women network where they sell the product to their friends or neighbors by accessing the products in their daily lives. Thus Tupperware improved the product sales through women network by making them as marketing agents of their products – this method had brought more sales to the company without selling their products to retail shops.

How do quizzes help to attain success in viral loop marketing?

Introducing Quizzes in viral marketing:

Quizzes are primarily used for creating viral loops, as conducting quizzes creates unique results which users share across the social media; it also triggers new customers who are likely to take the survey to share their results. The BuzzFeed is one the famous Quiz pages on Facebook, which have crossed over 1.2 million likes for the quizzes with a slight magic; it becomes possible through the information they provide about a person that induces people to share among with their friends on social media.

Harness the pop culture

The content that references to pop culture have greater chance to induce the audience – according to the study conducted by fractal – the words like character, movie, song, and famous are commonly used in the titles of many popular quizzes on PlayBuzz. The quizzes with a small set of data related to pop culture have gained more than 100,000 shares in the social media; the quizzes that are connected to character or personality are the next popular type of quizzes that draws audience interest.

Frame an easily shareable content

The basic element of the viral loop is sharing the content on the internet, without sharing the loop does not exist; all the applications or quizzes should have buttons, tools or embed content to enable sharing on the social networks. The embed code enables quick sharing of content on the social media, also assists in spreading the content around the internet – several elements in the content improve the probability of spreading a viral loop when it is implemented correctly.

Types of quizzes that attracts the visitors:

• Personality quizzes: People like the content that is produced based on their personality; in a study conducting by PlayBuzz – one of the famous quiz platforms has found that 77 percent of all PlayBuzz quizzes that are shared many times are personality quizzes.

• Character oriented quizzes: The personality quizzes related to one’s character is most popular among the users as it represents their type of personality they have; users also prefer their characters to be connected to the fictional characters.

• Self–interest oriented quizzes: People love personality results that are connected to their self-interest; they like the results that refer to them in a positive manner – it also influence them to share the results to their friends on social media.

• Anticipating quizzes: People love to discover something that they have not expected – by creating content that induces curiosity in users through offering potential results will benefit the businesses; this creates interests when the users find their friends results on the internet, so they compare with them to know it is similar, different or better.

• Create Interactive Apps: The Interactive application can create viral loops as it produces unique, personalized results to the users; these applications are directly connected to social media to share their results by inducing other users to get their own results.

• Find audience interests: As users leverage interactive quizzes or applications that are connected to their personal characters, understanding the customers beforehand can help to get audience attention. For instance, the interactive poll that tracks the prime NFL free agents conduct quizzes related to football and sports brands.

• Create interactivity after results: By placing buttons on the content is not just enough for social sharing as the viral loop needs targeted call to action that makes users share their results with their friends to get comments on their page.

• Use shareable images: An another method to initiate the users to share is by posting engaging images within the content or results page; results that speak audience interests with attractive images are more likely to gain customer attention to make them share on the social media.

Viral Looping Real time Examples:

One Plus

One plus is the popular smartphone manufacturing companies implemented viral marketing in their early stages to reach the worldwide customers; when other companies struggle to establish their trust between customers, one plus get customer attention by launching their first mobile – one plus one by following the strategies of viral marketing.

The company attained success through quality and system configuration of the product; they made it by introducing the privilege system that makes the phone buyers or visitors obtain an invite code which is used during the purchase of the phone.

One plus invitation has obtained millions of new visitors to their website; every individual who makes the purchase will receive the two invite code that can be shared among with their friends. The code that is received by the user will get expired in three days thus the one plus team can able to achieve the sales target in constraint timing.

The company also gets visitor attention with its forum where the users can register to clarify their queries about mobiles – the forum discusses the pros and cons of their mobiles to provide the right solution. With the forum, the one plus makes the customer as the tester of their product by identifying user problems in accessing their product to prioritize the fixes in molding the product better – today, one plus has grown as one of the leading mobile providers around the world.


One of the widely used online e-commerce store Amazon has harnessed the viral marketing to improve visitors to the website by publishing ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook to reach their customers across the world. To ensure they reach an authorized customer, they introduced invite system where the person can refer their friend to log on the Amazon website; to attract the referrers the Amazon offered a referral bonus to invite the friend to buy a product.

Through referral bonus, Amazon have increased the authorized account holder – later, to retain the customers, Amazon obtains customer feedbacks on the purchased products; it also sends periodic e-letters that notify the customers about their new products. To provide the best user experience, Amazon has launched the mobile application which is used to obtain consumer data to offer discounts by in turn improving their sales, thus Amazon not only creates visitors, it actually enhanced its sales with the right viral marketing strategy.


PAYTM is one of an achiever of double viral marketing strategy; in the beginning, it is only used for mobile recharge, now PAYTM is being used as money valet to store and pay for every online purchase. They made it possible by offering bonus amount to every new user and the referrer – today, the company has introduced retail option integrated to their valet to make the users view, purchase different the products of wide partnership vendors.

In every PAYTM recharge, it attracts the customers with discounts or offers of various retailers; it also benefits the users through money transfer from one PAYTM account to another by making money handling an easier option. During the transaction, the PAYTM obtain the valid scan code or customer number, this mode of payment is accessed by many retailers during every customer purchase – thus PAYTM has made both money transfer and payment easier for users.

Final Conclusion

All the companies around the world are interested in enhancing their customers – to make it possible, viral marketing technique is used – the technique is used to spread the business content to all online users through social media. With the secret of viral marketing, even MEMES are shared virally on the internet – the best benefit of viral marketing is it makes the customer itself as a marketing agent by enabling them to perform most of the tasks for businesses. It happens when the real user of the product recommends to the others if it impresses the customer through its performance.

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