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On-Page SEO Checklist Guide

In today’s keyword ranking On-Page SEO optimization race, everyone wants to be the best and get their content displayed on the first page of search engines, which can be a life changer.

on page SEO keyword optimization

Because On-Page SEO is a smart way that people will discover your business on Google where you will get true clients.

Search engine optimization is the building block of your marketing plan, so if you want quick and positive results for your business, then make sure to have a strong On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is the method of displaying your website in higher rankings on Google than your competitors.

Secondly, if you want to rule the search engines, then make sure you have a strategy to acquire strong authority backlinks force, as they are the ultimate source of success for higher ranking.

Now, let’s make On-Page SEO your utmost priority in formulating a website, because only then you will get a high ranking on the search engines like on Google.

Here is an on-page SEO checklist guide that will teach you a perfect on-page SEO tactic to get the results you want.

on-page seo

Make sure you check all the given 23 pieces of SEO advice;


1. Title tags

If you want search engines to identify you quickly with a high rank, then the best way is to place your keywords in the start of your title because then Google will know what your content is about.

Keep in mind that your title should be between 55 to 70 characters otherwise search results will discontinue it and it will result in your website’s low rank.

Title preview tool: 


2. Meta Description

Meta description is not an important factor in the terms of On-Page SEO, nevertheless, a strong Meta description with your keywords incorporated in it will get you a good place in CTR (click through rate), which is something Google acknowledge.

Make your Meta description attractive and creative within 160 characters.


3. Friendly keyword URL


The URL you use should be simple and descriptive. It should include your keywords and must be SEO friendly to have a better ranking.

Your URL should describe the contents of you page.


4. H1 tag

H1 tags are the first priority heading tags of a page. They should contain the keywords and should not be overdone. It shows Google the structure and readability of your content. So make sure that your H1 tag is wisely chosen and optimized.


5. Optimize images


While posting an image relevant to your page make sure that the description you add for your image consists of the keywords and the alt tags.

  • Give the image a proper description. Image tag looks like this: <img src=”” alt=”write description here” width=”” height=”” />
  • Define the width and height for faster page loading speed
  • Make your image size smaller and look clear
  • Images should be mobile responsive


6. The beginning of post


Here is a tip you must consider if you want quick recognition by Google and want a better rank, make sure to use your keywords, in the beginning, a paragraph of your post.


7. High-quality long post content


The content of your page should be a long post about 1500 words, creative, attractive and free of any grammatical errors. It should be so compelling that client wants to stay on your page. Avoid from copy paste practices.

It should be so compelling that client wants to stay on your page. Avoid from copy paste practices.

Avoid from copy paste practices.

The font you write your content with should be easy to read and of a proper size so that the visitor have no issue reading it.

According to the statistics, people tend to engage with long post content more time and willing to share with others.

But there is a catch, only if you create useful content to make them look good when they share it.


8. Social sharing buttons


Make your content shared among people by adding a social sharing button. In this way, it will reach several new search engines, will increase your ranking, viral sharing, and will be a positive promotion for your brand.

Try, it is a really cool social sharing tool.


9. Commenting in page

website comment sharing

Commenting can be a very easy and important feature to do for on page SEO of your web page. If you write a great practical article and publish it, open a comment section, encourage your users to make a comment there, the more users comments there, the more it attracts others to do the same, it is a technique of social prove.

When your page gets lots of good comment as reviews, it shows the sign that your content marketing works, and users would be more likely to buy what you have to offer.


10. Social prove


Social proof is a good marketing tactic that can gain your product a good reputation among its users but you should keep in mind that the social proof should always be positive about your brand. Once it got negative, it will result to you with loads of loss.

If you want to use social proof as a marketing tactic, you should try to use different social media sites and make sure that you always have a good social proof presence, because in this world of technology people prefer to buy those things who have positive social proof.

So make sure that you always have a positive social proof for your brand.


11. Social pages on Header or Footer

header social pages

You should try to attract the maximum number of people for yourself or your blog, the designed social buttons made for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook should be in a way that when people click on those buttons and start commenting on your social page posts to increase the amount of traffic you get externally.

You should add social pages of your business on the header or footer of your page, this will help to get people visit your web page. Hence, it will increase your traffic and paying clients in a short amount of time.


12. Customer reviews


There is a big need of getting customer reviews on your website, the customers or visitors that have read the text of your website commenting and giving reviews in a positive manner will attract more and more people towards your page.

Thus, make sure to have your content displayed with such attraction and creativeness that people always give a positive feedback so that your website’s traffic increase and you gain more followers.

Use Free Jotform tool to design a popup survey form to ask product reviews from your visitors and post it on your Homepage.



13. Text/HTML Ratio

We know that Text to HTML is the amount of data present in front of a web page to the code hidden behind it. Just keep in mind that a decent text to HTML ratio is 25 to 70 percent. It is not directly associated with SEO but it has a few important factors that result in a good ranking.

The Elements that should be kept under consideration are:

  • Build the pages that are easily understandable by people it will get you a good SEO ranking.
  • Provide a better user experience because it has become a prime necessity of the search engines.
  • Make sure that the loading speed of your web page is faster because it delivers a better experience.


14. No Iframe

They are mostly used to connect with other websites without the fear of duplication. It helps you to encode other websites into the code of your website. They are mostly used, as a link between Iframe that has no beneficial effects on the SEO or the ranking of your website, so it does not particularly matter if you have them or not, it is not user-friendly and a bad SEO practice.

Iframe HTML Code:

<iframe src=””>
<p> Your browser does not support iframes. </p>

Iframe Example:


15. keyword as rich Anchor text

Keyword rich anchor text is now considered a ghost in the world of SEO which was once a popular mean of gaining backlinks. They are not considered in any type of writings but let us ponder upon why they were once considered innovational:

  • They were used once
  • The link was connected to the proper landing page
  • Keep a low-profile with the anchor text
  • Write naturally and try innovational anchor texts
  • Make sure to have an amazing link strategy

Anchor text example: <a href=“”>on page SEO</a>

on-page SEO


16. Schema Tags

schema tags in action


Schema Tag is one of the strongest tools in the On-Page SEO. If you learn how to optimize it, you can successfully boost your traffic of your website within a short amount of time.

It is specially invented for users and device with a special set of vocabulary that tells the search engine not only what your data say but also what it means. It will get your website enlisted in one of the best sites and get you the customer traffic you desire.

Schema Tags can be used by the following easy procedures:

  • Fill the form with your information and start the procedure
  • After the assurance, copy and paste your scheme code to your site, if you don’t know who to do it, find a web developer to do it for you.


17. Robots.txt rules


Robots.txt rules can be used in SEO to devise several functions like the formation of a blocking page, which can help us block search engines from accessing a specific domain.

check the standard robot.txt file:

Robots.txt file generation tool:

User-agent: Yandex disallow: /  Means your site does not allow Yandex search engine from indexing.


18. Sitemap.XML generation


Sitemaps help you make changes to your content before submitting it to Google. When you submit your new content to the search engines, the Sitemap file help searches engines understand your content structure better for the faster index.

Sitemap.XML generation tool: 


19. Video Tag optimization


Video optimization in your online content brings many people towards it and thus increasing your traffic. Video SEO addition has now become an important part in online marketing. Make sure you have a creative and attractive video.

  • Make sure write a creative keyword title for your targeted audience
  • Make sure adding a rich description to explain what is the video about and a clickable link back to your promoted site.
  • Show Watermark of your business logo
  • Show popup box at the end of video as a call to action message
  • Promote your videos in many other video sharing sites like DailyMotion & TV.


20. Find suitable design theme to match your business

Grab A 99Designs: Slick, Affordable Website & App Design! homepage design

This fact is discussed earlier too, designing and developing of your website play an important role in ranking your website with better SEO techniques.

The fonts and the formation of the text, videos, and all other things should be managed in a proper way.


21. Use proper font style to showcase your products

font style

Use easily readable and understandable specific font style for your niche content so that your client can understand them easily. Only then, he will get the true idea of your product and thus your traffic will increase.

For example, if you are in Fashion business, you should use Fashion oriented font.

Check out Free Google Fonts:


22. Google Webmaster Tools setup and monitor Google webmaster tools backlinks report 2016

It is groups of SEO tools provided by Google that will help webmeisters like you make a better and effective searchable website on Google. Once you learn it properly, it will turn into a handful of tools that will help you make a better SEO friendly website.

  • It shows backlinks report
  • It shows keywords search ranking report
  • It shows your pages index stats.
  • It shows coding errors
  • It shows mobile issues
  • It shows server uptime errors.
  • It helps you submitting your sitemap.xml and setup readable robots.txt file.
  • It helps you understand your site on Google better and give you proper advice to optimized your site.


23. Installation of Google Analytics Code to monitor incoming traffic to the page


In the end, you just need to wait for the Google to show the amount of traffic your page has during the last month or so. It is done with installing the Google Analytics.

  • It shows your Referral traffic report
  • It shows your user click as an event report
  • It shows your custom campaign marketing report
  • It shows you both organic and paid search report
  • It shows your E-commerce sale goals report
  • It shows your mobile installations and user acquisition report
  • Many more great analytic features.
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marketing-tips-2 Now I will guide you with a few tricks that will bring you positive and quick results in the search engine ranking.


SEO Checklist to Increase Your Web Design Fee

Learn How SEO Checklist service could Increase Your Web Design Fee?

SEO: Differentiate Yourself & Win More Web Design Business by Presenting This 12-Point SEO Checklist To Clients



On-Page SEO results:

Below are a handful of SEO tactics, if you implement them properly, I am sure that it will increase your ranking. However, always keep in mind that the success of SEO depends on marketing with creativity ideas. Therefore, you can say that being creative is the golden egg of SEO success.

1). 404 errors:

In several cases, we have noticed that when you change the URL of your site, the old links shows a 404-error page. To prevent your customer from going to other sites, you should make your error page innovative by adding the links to the internal pages of your new site, so they can visit it and save your site from losing its rank.

404 page example: 


2). Creative infographic Design:

Use of good infographics to present your products or services have been long forgotten, but you can still add some creativity to them and engage users within your site or encourage the chances to motivate them to share your useful information to others.

Learn Infographic design example:


3). Skyscraper Technique by theory

It is in the nature of human race to go for the best. To have your site in the best ranking race, Skyscraper Technique is your door towards it. You can accomplish it by the following method:

  • Find the most shared content published by others that has the top rating
  • Take the concept and produce something much better, productive than the original content
  • Share your content with your ideal clients by using email outreach script method and get the traffic you desire.


4). The faster speed, the better:


The faster your page will load the more traffic you will gain. If you dream of gaining the better ranking and want your site to display on the first page of Google, make sure it loads faster to avoid the irritation client feels from slow loading websites.

So improve your site loading time and get better chances to the top ranking.

Test your site speed: 


5). Responsive design:


Make sure that the design of your website is responsive and mobile friendly, because that is the smart move of gaining the better rank on the search engines.

If you are not tech savvy person who want to build a user-friendly mobile-ready site that are easy to manage and post new content, you should use It is easy to install, update and add new functions to it with powerful plugins installed, best of all, there is no technical stuff involved.

Mobile Responsive check tool


I hope that you like my handful of marketing SEO tactics that will help you produce the best On-Page SEO content and get your site a higher ranking to the goal of the first page on Google.

Just make sure to be innovative and creative, because that is the ultimate goal of success in On-Page SEO tactics.

Grab your On-page SEO report now:


have a nice day       thank you


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