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Not All backlinks Are Created Equal?

Authority backlink building strategy

DoFollow VS NoFollow BackLinks?


** DoFollow BackLink means it will help your site to rank better on Google. NoFollow is the other way around.

Example of a “DOFollow” link:
<a href=“”>learn More</a>

Example of a “NoFollow” link:
<a rel=“nofollow” href=“”>learn More</a>


What are backlinks?

It is a type of hyperlink from external website linking to your pages that Google calculates
to rank your page in a higher position if they are relevant content to your site.


1. Good Authority BackLinks To Boost Your Site Ranking

Good Backlinks

1). Domain Relevant BackLinks

Define your site keywords in your homepage domain, reach other relevant trust high traffic domains for backlink opportunities.

use tool to check sites traffic & authority.

2). Page Relevant BackLinks

Define keywords in your pages, reach other relevant trust high traffic pages for backlink opportunities.

3). URL Relevant Link

Research keywords, write it in your page URL, find relevant trust page URLs for backlink opportunities.

4). Content Quality BackLinks

If you acquire a backlink from high authority, superb quality content site, that is considered a good backlink.

Use to check your content uniqueness.

5). Contextual BackLinks

If you get to acquire a backlink from an authority site, within the article content when user read through it for smooth reading experience, that is considered a good backlink.

6). Anchor Text Relevant BackLinks

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink, it is better SEO practice if you embed relevant keywords in a hyperlink from an external source.

7). Blog Relevant BackLinks

If you acquire a backlink from high authority related content Blog site, that is considered a good backlink.

8). Press News BackLinks

Google rank news site better, so if you acquired backlinks from major authority news site like CNN, your site will rank better on Google.

9). Gov, Edu BackLinks

Most Government or Educational sites are considered strong authority backlinks, so find a way to get backlinks from those sites like Your College bulletin board.

10). Strong Authority Site BackLinks

Most sites with higher PageRank or Global Ranking are considered strong authority site like Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Amazon, Ebay, Quora. But some of the giant authority sites only provide NoFollow backlinks which mean you don’t get link juice to help rank your site, but you will get traffic to your site for sure.

11). Product Reviews BackLinks

Share your product reviews to site owners, if they like your review and post it up, they will get a relevant juicy backlink to your site.

12). Unique IP Address

Make sure your domain Ip address is not banned by Google OR it is shared IP address which other sites. If your acquired a backlink from the domain has a unique clean IP address with SSL protected, it is considered a good backlink.

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2. Neutral BackLinks that doesn’t help to rank your site but bring traffic

Neutral Backlinks

1). Social media BackLinks

Social backlinks are NoFollow links, therefore, they don’t pass link juice, but it will help bring traffic to your site and boost your site brand awareness.

2). Forum BackLinks

Forum backLinks work the same way like Social backlinks.

3). Forum Signature BackLinks

Forum Signature is also a NoFollow link, therefore, it does not pass link juice.

4). Footer BackLinks

Google does not consider Footer link as an authority backlink, therefore, it does not help to rank your site.

5). Directories BackLinks

Most Directories links are neutral, it does not pass link juice to your site, but it might bring traffic to your site.

6). Bookmark BackLinks

Bookmark Links work the same way like Directories links.

7). Blog Comments BackLinks

Comments Links work the same way like Directories links.

8). Widgets BackLinks

Widget Links are Nofollow links, therefore, it does not help to rank your site. But it will give your huge viral traffic by leverage other webmaster sites if they choose to embed your widgets.


3. BackLinks that will hurt your site ranking

Spam backlinks

1). Spamming Banned BackLinks

Check with Google Safe Browsing, make sure your site is not listed as a spam site in Google Search Policy.

Check your Website Security.

If you acquired backlinks from spamming sites, eventually your site ranking and search results would get punished too.

2). Private Blog BackLinks

Do not engage in private blog links exchange practices, Google will punish you site ranking if they found out about it.

3). Paid BackLinks

Paid links are not allowed, it is violated of Google Search Policy.

4). Backlinks Exchange

Link Exchange Program is not allowed, it is also violated of Google Search Policy.

5). Software Generated BackLinks

Don’t use automated software to help you generate backlinks for your site, it is not allowed by Google also.

6). Mislead Anchor Text BackLinks

your text links should reflect what it means when user click to it, otherwise, it is considered BlackHat SEO practices.

7). BlackHat SEO Backlinks

BlackHat SEO Practices are not allowed by Google Search Policy.



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