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Managed WordPress Hosting VS Affordable WordPress Hosting

If you are in the business of building websites, you will know what a web hosting is. A web hosting is basically a computer, or a server, that is connected to the internet and stores the contents of your website. These servers are located in data centers all over the world and are managed by companies called web hosts.

These servers store all our data and databases and serve our web page when a user requests to it via the IP address of your domain. The website owners pay a fixed amount of money every month in exchange for this.

There are several kinds of Web Hosting which are mainly classified into 3 categories:

  1. Shared Hosting:  Multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Resources are shared within these websites. Cheapest of the 3. Most popular among the 3.
  2. Dedicated Hosting: A Single website is hosted on a server. Costlier than the rest.
  3. Virtual Private Server:  A server is divided virtually into many servers. A combination of Shared and dedicated hosting.

The focus of this article is on WordPress Hosting, Read on to know what that means:

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is easily the most famous Content Management System (CMS) in the world as of now. WordPress is currently being used by millions of websites that include blogs, portfolios, etc.

WordPress is easy to use and is now backed up by a huge community of developers and designers. The vast array of themes and plugins that can do almost anything makes WordPress the top choice for anyone who wants to build a website online for cheap.

As the number of WordPress users grew, web hosting companies found an opportunity, selling web hosting packages that are custom made to host a WordPress website. The companies made these servers with serving a WordPress website in mind and thus these servers are a lot different from standard servers in terms of specifications and technology used.

These Web hostings come with WordPress installed or ready to be installed in a click, along with all the optimizations needed to speed up the server. These include CDN (content delivery network), web caching, plugins etc.

The customers too, found this useful as they do not need to worry about all the technical aspects of installing WordPress and optimizing it. TheseWeb hostings are a boon to those people with no technical ability to manage a WordPress installation.

In this post, we are going to help you in understanding one of the biggest questions of the WordPress Hosting world. Whether to buy a costly Managed WordPress Hosting or an Affordable Shared WordPress Hosting?

Using our expertise in the field of web hosts, we have tried our best to explain this with the help of two web hosting companies which are WPengine and Siteground. Read on to know more:

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Remember what I said about dedicated hosting and Virtual Private Servers at the beginning of this article?  Managed WordPress hosting is basically those kinds of servers custom made for WordPress.

These are high performance WordPress hostings capable of running your WordPress websites at high speeds without much of your involvement in the technical aspects.

The prices are a bit high than normal web hostings due to the technical optimizations needed and the technical support who are always there to help you.

When do you need high performance WordPress hostings?

If you do not have much technical knowledge of running a WordPress website, you have two options: Either hires a tech guy to make the website and manage it for you, or pay a little extra (than normal Web hostings) and buy a Managed WordPress hosting and do it yourself.

In the long run, paying extra for the hosting will definitely be cheaper than hiring a guy every now and then to manage it.

Do not go for a Managed WordPress hosting if yours is a basic website with not much visitors. A Shared WordPress hosting will be enough for you.

Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting:

1. Fast: As I already pointed out, high performance WordPress hosting servers are built with WordPress in mind. Thus they are very fast.

2. Security: WordPress websites are targeted by hackers frequently. You got no need to worry if you buy a managed WordPress hosting since they take all the necessary measures for securing your website.

3. Daily Backups: The data in your server is backed up daily to special servers and you always have the option to revert to restore point easily in case you mess up something.

4. Automatic Updates: WordPress, themes, plugins releases updates frequently and the web host will take care of those updates without your involvement.

5. Expert Support: This is why I prefer buying a Managed WordPress Hosting. The support staff are experts in the field of WordPress and is ready to answer and solve all your queries easily.

6. Zero downtime: Web hosts guarantee zero downtime and most companies keep their word. Your website will always be up.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting:

1. Price: Managed Hostings are one of the costliest packages in the web hosting industry. The price is actually reasonable if you factor in the advantages and the fact that you do not need to hire anyone to manage your WordPress website.

2. Limitations: Once you buy this, don’t expect to run a non-WordPress website on this. Moreover, companies put a limit on the plugins that can be used with your website. These limitations are put to keep your website secure and fast


WPengine as Managed WordPress hosting

WPengine is the Managed WordPress Hosting that we recommend. They are the leading industry experts in this category of web hostings. Their high performance WordPress hostings are optimized to run your WordPress websites. The cost is worth the money if you consider the upsides and quality of service.

Features of WPengine 

Everything I said earlier about Managed WordPress Hostings applies to the case of WPengine. They have their own custom made control panel as opposed to the normal Cpanel you find with other web hosts. The control panel makes managing a WordPress website easy for people without much technical knowledge. They have a feature that really caught my eye. WPengine gives you a duplicate temporary copy of your site where you can test things without affecting your live website. Once satisfied, you can edit your real WordPress site. This helps achieve zero downtime.  There are other features such as automatic upgrades, backups, built-in WP caching, CDN, expert customer support, one-click restore points, about which I have already talked about in detail.

The plans of WPengine are as follows

wpengine plans

WpEngine Video Intro:

– YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Isn’t your business worth $29 a month?


What is Affordable WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hostings become affordable when multiple websites are hosted on a single server. These are basically Shared Web hostings tailored to suit the needs of WordPress sites. The prices are a lot less than Managed WordPress hostings as multiple users share the maintenance and utility costs of servers.

When do you need affordable WordPress hosting?

Go for an affordable WordPress hosting if your requirements are low, and the website is simple and small. You should not go for this if your website gets a lot of visitors a day as then, your site will face a lot of downtime due to lack of resources.

Advantages of affordable WordPress hosting

1. Cost: It is dirt cheap, basically because of the fact that the server is shared by thousands of websites. The fees will be in the range of 4-10$.

2. Technology: Most shared WordPress web hosting comes with easy to use admin panel like cPanel, Fantastico, CDN, Caching, etc.

3. Support: Companies such as Siteground has an excellent support staff who are experts in WordPress. They can solve all of your WordPress queries.

Disadvantages of affordable WordPress hostings:

1. Since the servers have a lot of websites hosted on it, you should be ready to face downtime once in awhile. This happens when another website hosted on the server gets unusual traffic and uses up more resources than they are supposed to.

2. Your website will be slower than websites hosted on a dedicated server.

3. Consider your small website start receiving more traffic than usual, and this is bound to happen as this is what everyone wants to see happening. As this happens, many things could happen if you don’t upgrade your shared hosting plan on time.  In most cases, the server will crash, and your host will notify you to upgrade your plan. There are however companies, who just suspend your account and wait for you to figure it out yourself. This is why choosing a good shared hosting provider is necessary.

SiteGround as affordable WordPress hosting

If you decide to get a shared WordPress hosting, go with Siteground. They are cheap and is ideal for small businesses looking to host a simple website.

The support staff is great and will solve all your technical difficulties.

Features of Siteground

Apart from everything I said above, there are some features that make Siteground stand out in the crowd of shared hosting companies. They even provide free domain names with some packages and during flash sales.  WordPress can be installed in a single click and you can start publishing right away. There are caching plugins, automatic updates and backups and also things such as staging areas and git for the advanced users.  They make use of the popular Cpanel for users to do things. It has all the features you will need and more.

The plans of Siteground are as follows

siteground plans


Siteground video intro:

Support crafted by SiteGround

Meet Steve. He knows a lot about web hosting and websites, he loves helping people and he never keeps you waiting. The same is true about the whole SiteGroun…



In this post, we have talked in detail about Managed WordPress Hosting and Affordable WordPress Hosting using two different WordPress hosting companies. We hope you found this post useful in deciding which hosting company to go with. Keep visiting us 😉

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