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5 Local Business Marketing Strategies

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We all know that to make a local business successful there is a need for marketing planning and strategies. There should be a proper plan to follow to get your business visible and promote its local search in your local area to attract more customers towards it.

There are different ways which can help your business grow in a better by using marketing strategies. Web sites and blogs and other social networks can also be used to advertise your business to promote the selling of your products.

If we divide the Local business Marketing strategies into 5 Sections they will be the following:


Section I. Spending decent quality time to plan and think


Section II. Online & offline local marketing strategies


Section III. Search Good local keywords


Section IV. Using of Online & Offline local Paid Ads


Section IIV. Acquire Local Customer Testimonials


These 5 Sections will be described below to let you people know how to use these tactics to boost your local business with the help of outstanding Marketing strategies. No matter you have a small business or a vast one, you will be able to market your business.


Section I: Spending decent quality time to plan and think:


First and foremost thing is that you have to plan and give some time to plan properly before starting the marketing of any local business.

1. You should figure out that which type of people will be appealed by your business and how they will react to the type of products you are offering.


got SEO questions  sample-buyer-persona

Here are some generous questions you should ask yourself before taking any action:

  • How to reach them online (Like Local Blogs/Forums/Social Paid ADs, Local keyword search marketing)?
  • How to understand their buying personas?
  • How to build better content they want to consume?
  • An FAQ page to answer their potential questions?
  • How to build a Optin PopUp Page to capture their contact information and call back for offline follow-up?
  • Finally, Analyze your marketing performance by using Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools.


How to judge all these things? This is a problem which needs a solution. So, you can use your website and post some questions to see the response of the people. You can also try going into a certain area and observe the behaviors of people related to your business.

emoji-pink-faceUse Google Analytics to see how users engage with your content and track the click event

emoji-pink-faceUse Jotform PopUp tool to create a survey form to get feedback from users.

OR use Survey Monkey Tool here, make sure always check your mobile view.


2. The Second thing is you have to categorize the people into different groups. It is owing to the reason that in a certain age whether it is a young age or old age the preferences about your products change from person to person. So, to know in which age people will like your products you can make a survey form which will help you to get better awareness.

emoji-pink-faceUse Google Analytics to check your Demographic report.


3. Local business is based on the competition because no matter which type of business you are running, you will have to face the severe competition from others. So, to win the battle for others, the solution is that you have to look to follow them carefully. Probably, you can buy some of their products to know what they offer and what their descriptions are like and different other things to check on.


Check your local competitors online search visibility tool

Ultimate online local marketing guide


Section II. Online & Offline Local Marketing Strategies

4. One of the basic things is that you have to register a Local Page Account on different famous websites such as Google Business, Bing local, Yahoo local  and Facebook Business page, complete 100% profile information submission. It will help your website to get traffic by providing it local links and it will also advertise and market your business in the area in a very effective way.

Make sure optimized all your local page Title with well research ‘Local Keywords’


emoji-pink-faceUse this Local Business Tool to help you get the job done, submit to top 9 local listings.

Ultimatet 50 Local Business Directories Here


emoji-pink-facePrepare your local business profile submission information guide

emoji-pink-faceLocal business massive submission page examples

local citation service

5.  One of the best offline marketing strategies is to give some extra gifts and certificates free with your products, offers discounts, coupons to the local schools, nonprofit organizations, senior citizens, disable people, Veterans, and local coupon sites.


It will help you to develop a reputation in the local market. For example, if you have a local business of Restaurant services, you can provide an extra gift or coupon to the local market from above channels. These types of extra services provided by you can enhance your exposure and visibility in the local market. People will start discussing the benefits you give them and hence you will be doing a good local marketing for your business.


6. You should develop a nice and perfect website optimized with local search SEO for your local business. It should have the excellent design revealing your business. You should develop a website which has a very easy user interface. The users should have no trouble to know about your business.


emoji-pink-face Check how to design a better SEO site guide:


7. You should create an online landing page to keep the track of the people who have clicked on your Ads or who have visited it. It helps you to set a cohesive experience analytics to understand your marketing campaign better. These landing pages will force the visitors to do certain things such as downloading the books or submit their contact information from the Landing Page.


emoji-pink-face Use this Landing Page Tool


8. One important online technique that can be used for the local business marketing is the Email marketing strategy. You can send emails to the people in your area and to the subscribers of your business through your website. You can send the details of your events and happenings in emails too. You can also send information about the discounts and other offers also.

email marketing

emoji-pink-face Use to help your online email marketing campaign


9. You should also develop a mobile App related to your business. It will help people of your local area to see everything on their mobile. The interface of the app should be mobile friendly and it should give all the information related to business.

mobile web design

Or you can simply use WordPress to build your site and hire an Android Developer on to converted your website into Google APP, you should get the job done by paying less development charge.


marketing-tips-2 If your mobile loading speed is way too slow, make sure use CloudFlare CDN service.



10. Sponsorship is a key thing to do. These days you can easily sponsor any event or organization that is looking to organize events. By providing them sponsorship, only the name of your business and products will rise among the local people.

selling sponsorship

Most of the local events use their website to share or market their information and keep their audience updated, so you can ask them post your business information there and link back to your site to get traffic and boost your brand awareness locally.

You can also support a local charity like Church organized events to make their supporters think that you brand is filled with love.


11.  Attend Local Flea Market to showcase your products, talk to your potential buyers, share your business with them, give them some coupons and motivate them to takes a picture when holding your products and have them share it on their social profiles. Ask for their permissions to sing up website email marketing system, so that you can send them updated promotions in the near future to their inbox.


12. You should set up a plan to get decent online Customer Reviews on your business or any descriptions posted from your website.

Your local business will raise on the better search engine results if people will be doing the Local Search and by having quality reviews people will see that YES sign and more and more people will be attracted to see the business or products.

If you get a bad review on your website which might be Ok, It is tricky to understand. When the customers will see that if there are a lot of positive reviews on your site, they might think that something is wrong there. They viewed  those positive reviews as a scam. So, you should make a plan to mix a little negative review along with the positive reviews.


emoji-pink-face You can have them review your local business on Google Local or Yelp local, Etc.

Get Five Stars Review Tool


13. You should post your full website local address and contact information on all the pages on your website. It will help you to reinforce your geographic location on Google.

schema tags in action

emoji-pink-face You can also write Local business Schema tag to your website to tell Google About your business information effectively.

Schema Tag Testing Tool

local business strategy tweet


Section III. Searching of Good ‘Local Keywords’:


14. Local Keywords can be a tricky choice. For example, if someone is having a local business of selling ‘sporting shoes’, you just can’t rely on the keyword ‘sporting shoe’. But instead, people will search keywords like ‘sporting shoes in New York City‘ or its Variation local city name searches.

Use Google Keyword tool to help you find most relevant, low competition, decent search volume keywords, then pick about 2 keywords, planning an Optimization SEO strategy to get quality backlinks, create stunning viral content to help you rank those 2 keywords in the top search results of Google.


local search keywords


15. You have to try to put your local keywords along with your city name on the landing page or the home page of the website. Your complete address should be there on the footers or the headers of your website which will help you to get the marketing done for your business.


16. Contrasted with standard Global SEO battles, neighborhood Local SEO depends a great deal more on connections from other nearby sites that are truly pertinent to your business. It’s less about getting joins from high power sites and more about getting joins from sites neighborhood to you that are discussing comparative things to what you do.

local keywords in the title

marketing-tips-2 So Try to find most proper local keywords in your business and submit to massive local directories from the same business profile, especially same Title Text.

Go back to top Point 3 to use the local tool

local citation service


Section IV. Using of Online & Offline Local Paid Ads

dispaly advertising

17. You can get a huge local exposure from the local medias and other social websites by trying to create a catchy local Ad about your business and then run this Paid Ad on some of the targeted local niche websites.

emoji-pink-face For Example:  Facebook Paid Local Ad


18. You can also seek marketing help from Local TV channels and other radio channels to advertise your business with the Ad of your business. It is one of the most important things as maximum people hear the news and watch TV daily. You should look to choose the Local TV channel which is liked and watched by a large number of people to get your local marketing done effectively.

Check your local newspaper for Local TV Ads Information

You should also look for good rating relevant niche market local newspaper to advertise your business for your targeted audience.


19. Augmented Reality Business Card:

I am not talking about regular old concept business card, but the new concept 21st-century digital marketing card called ‘Augmented Reality’ technology. You basically design a Google APP with 3D live animated content, when users scan the business card QR code by using their mobile phone, they will see the 3D live content with sound pop out on the business card.

You can be creative by using different printing materials like postcards, flyers for you local business marketing need.


20.  Refrigerator Magnets


People doing many daily activities like cooking, eating, family meeting when in the kitchen where the refrigerator at, so by giving your customers the refrigerator magnets is a good way to reach their attention when they need your business products or services, This tip works especially great for the restaurant businesses.

emoji-pink-face You can order the Refrigerator Magnets here.


21. Bulletin Boards In Your Community

community bulletin boards

Read your local newspaper, search online for possible open local community bulletin boards in Chamber of commerce, food supermarkets, city buildings, local schools, libraries, community centers, Nonprofit organizations, etc.

You can post your business cards and flyers on community bulletin boards for free. Make sure your message should be unique, good graphic design, contact phone numbers, and most importantly, put a website there for people to visit and grab their email there for later on-going marketing purpose.


Section IIV. Acquire Local Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

22. We can also use testimonials to do the marketing for the best of the ways. They are very helpful that can be something used for setting up a good reputation for your business.

Since testimonials are not written in the words you want to say your own opinion they are the reviews and remarks of the people about your products. So, testimonials can win a lot of trusts for you of the people and it will enhance your sales and business.


23. You have to pick a good testimonial to advertise for the marketing purposes.

emoji-pink-face A good testimonial has the following qualities:

It has the benefits of your products and business

It contains relations with your audience

It is always credible

It allows other customers to know key benefits & features of your products

It influences others buying decisions

It is comparative to your competitors

emoji-pink-face Use this Testimonial Survey Tool to grab your Customer Testimonials


24. You should try the best trick to use your testimonials. You should include them in front and center of your home page. You should keep them in the middle of your sales copy to let the readers know and enhance your marketing. Make a separate page on your website to show the excellent testimonials. Don’t edit the testimonials and also don’t use it without the permission of the owner.

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