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Link Building Strategies Ultimate Guide

Gaining the high-quality traffic has become the sole criteria of identifying the successful websites and thus the link building strategies we are going to acknowledge you with will make you enjoy the fame you always desired by building the best website.


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Here are some incredible link building strategies that will guide you to build the creative and most traffic-attracting link ever:


Link building strategies Guide:


Awesome tactics that you can administer while building your website.


1. Understand link building quality criteria

Here are a few things that you should never do if you want your website to be extraordinary.


  • Make sure that the data you use in your website is fresh and unique, because if you copy data from other popular sites it will give your website a low rank.
  • Make sure the content you use is reader-attracting and not copied.
  • No one appreciates copying and reusing the data.
  • Make sure that your content is published before another site publishes it because if you are caught a copycat you will have to face the consequences.

If you want to improve ranking for your website, make sure that your site should create unique interesting content with powerful link building strategies. Moreover, make sure that you completely avoid Doorway sites.


2. Focus on the link building purpose at hand


Make sure that your site is relevant by following simple steps;

  • Be sure that the links you acquired are from the same niche sites as yours.
  • Make sure that your site is directly or indirectly, linked to your similar niche sites or the brand.
  • The link you own should be relevant to the content you created in your site.


3. Diversified link building tactic


  • Get endorsement from trustworthy sites and people. Find some Email Outreach how to guide to get started.
  • Be an active individual on all active media sites. (Try to get quality Q&A type traffic)
  • Become a popular blogger on renowned websites and organizations. (Try, it is new media platform.)


4. Don’t copy the exact link building tactic of your rival


  • You should promote your brand by using unique and innovational ways and make your own new way of advertising to get quality backlinks.
  • Avoid from copying exact steps of your rival because that will make you a copier. Instead, you should learn from them, use the tips to come out your own unique link building tactics.


5. Unique low competition keyword anchor texts


The world is getting smart and you cannot fool others easily. So, if you do not want to end up in the blacklist by Google, make sure that all the links you administer for your website should have unique and well researched low competition keyword Anchor Texts.

In my SEO optimization experience, if your site is not in high Domain Authority like under 10 points by SEO metrics, then you should only need to find A good low competition keyword with about 600 searches a month, and try to optimize 1 keyword per page or post.

You will have better chances to rank 1 low competition keyword than Medium or High competition one.

Anchor text example: <a href=””>link building strategy guide:</a>



what is link building: the purpose of link building strategies:


Understand 3 types of backlinks? Good or Bad?


Link building is the method by which organizers increase their brand promotion by marketing it online and making it commercial to gain traffic for their website and obtain backlinks that make people easily access their website.

Google looks at good authority backlinks as a strength signal to your company, therefore, they put your site ranking higher than your competitors.

backlink-building-strategy Google webmaster tools backlinks report 2016


1. Why link building

It is a crucial step of online marketing and helps you gain promotion for you website, industry or brand. It is the best way to advertise your product among millions in an effective way.


2. Link building Benefits


  • It is most effective and diversified form of advertising your brand.
  • It helps you market your product and increase the brand awareness among millions of people.
  • It makes you search for new and unfamiliar tactics to find effective links.



link building strategies: Better Link building tips

With the evolution of technology, the methods of link building have been complicated over time and now to build, a unique and attractive link is a hard job. Here are a few tips and tactic that will help you build a strong unique link.


1. Genuine authority links

Good Backlinks

Make sure that you get natural and genuine relevant links from those authority sites which will help increase your site overall ranking. Thus, avoid from bad, spamming and fake links that will lower your ranking in the market.


2. Avoid asking for Spam links

Spam backlinks

You should always focus on creating powerful viral unique content that your users like, avoid asking for some spam links from risky sites, by doing that your site will get punished by Google safe browser policy.

So, plan a backlink building strategy to acquire some good authority backlinks from high ranking trust-worthy sites is a must solution for your business ongoing success.


3. Social networks


Gain all the natural No-Follow links and trustworthy followers from the social networking sites. In the present age, social media is the best platform to promote your product and increase your site ranking.

Note: Social Backlinks are called No-Follow links. Therefore, they don’t help you to rank your competitive keywords, but instead, they bring significant traffic to your site.


4. Unbeatable fresh content


The most important tip for an effective link building is a remarkably unique content that will help you gain other website’s trust to link with you.

Content Curation Tools: you can use content tools to find fresh content, rewrite it, then publish in your site. Finally, the tools will help you distribute your content effectively.

Content Curation – Curata

Curata’s software enables marketers to scale content marketing to grow leads and revenue.

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Link building tools to achieve better link building strategies:

Here are a few SEO Tools I am going to tell you about that will help you build the best and strong website links

growth hacking secrets


Do-Follow Backlinks: Learn How SEO Link Building Hacks for Beginners!

HACKS That I Use to Build High Authority Do-Follow Backlinks With Ease! The Way I Build Do-Follow Backlinks!


1. Rank Trackers and Keyword researchers

Here are a few tools that will help you check your status and other site’s status with utmost accuracy and will help you with the most amazing keywords.

  • ProRankTracker
  • SEMrush
  • SERPwoo


2. To check backlinks

These tools will help you check your website’s backlinks and prevent you from bad and spamming links.

Monitor Backlinks is a great tool with no-brainer view that monitor you potential backlinks where people share your link in their site and they offer free trial to get started it.

monitor backlinks



3. Link building

Here are some of the remarkable links building tools in the market.

  • GSA search engine ranker
  • Scrapebox
  • Gscraper


4. Strong content creators

These tools will help you create an amazing and unique content and prevent you from being labeled as a copycat.

  • Kontent Machine
  • Wordai
  • The Best Spinner
  • Copyscape


5. Proxy solvers

These tools will provide you with high-quality proxies and will prevent your money from Captcha cost.

  • Squidproxies
  • GSA Captcha Breaker


6. Expired domain search tools

It will help you find the incredible domains and will get rid of all the expired lists.

  • Freshdrop
  • Solutions for effective hosting
  • Hostnine
  • Servint


I hope that these links building strategies will help you built a strong attractive link that will gain you the desired traffic. I hope that this link-building guide will help you promote your website in the best manner and you will always look forward to consulting it whenever you need help.

If you have any other queries or confusions regarding link-building strategies, you are free to ask us anytime, we are always available at your service, so please hesitate to contact us.


have a nice day thank you

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