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Hire affordable online freelancers to get things done

Looking to hire affordable online freelancers? There is no place better than to do so. Fiverr gives you access to millions of gigs from freelancers from an array of streams who are passionate about the work they do. Established in 2009 and headquartered in Israel, Fiverr has come a long way in helping people get things done quickly at unbeatable prices. Fiverr is now one of the most-visited 130 websites in the world. Its services start for as little as $5, and it is the largest marketplace for various online services spread over 100 categories with over 3 million gigs listed.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the place where it’s all done. Just browse, buy, and it’s done; it’s that simple. Fiverr is a global marketplace offering tasks and services at a rate as low as $5, from which it gets its name. It offers more than 3 million services which range from $5 to $500 and even up to $1500 for custom quoting. Each service provided here is called a gig. Each gig cost $5, but the value gets high with additional services. These gigs can range from offering business cards to making resume designs. The website transactions have grown tremendously as it has seen a 600% rise in the volume of the transactions made. The greatest thing about Fiverr is that it lets businesses hire affordable online freelancers with skills and services of best quality without having to bear professional quality rates and that too quite effectively.

How to Use Fiverr?

You just need to browse the Fiverr website, sign up for free and look for the services you want. The steps you need to follow to get your desired work done instantly at unbeaten prices are:

● Sign up at Fiverr’s official website. The sign up is completely free. Only registered buyers can purchase services from the site.

● After a successful signup, visit your email for the activation link. Click on the activation link and your account will be activated


● Now you can browse through gigs you are interested in to hire affordable online freelancers. To do so, you can browse through the homepage or enter your requirement in the search bar.



● Once you have found the gig that fulfills your criteria, go through the description and view seller’s available work samples, if they have provided them.


● In case you are satisfied with the description and samples, you can proceed to the checkout. There are various methods available to make the required payments. These include:



1. PayPal: It is the most common method adopted by buyers to pay the service providers as PayPal is accepted worldwide. You can also set your PayPal account for one-click payments authorizing your Fiverr account to make payments to Fiverr without the need for logging into PayPal every now and then.

2. Credit/Debit Cards: You can make purchases on Fiverr using most of the debit cards and major credit cards. Just fill up the details form, make the payment and you are done.

3. Fiverr Balance: This method can be used in case you are also a seller on Fiverr. This feature lets you purchase other sellers’ gigs using the balance of money you made on Fiverr by selling your own gigs.

● Once the seller has offered you the required services, you now have to rate the service according to satisfaction. Rate it a 5 if the seller satisfied you completely or lower ratings as per the service. The payment for the seller will only be released by Fiverr when they offer you with the work, so there are no possibilities of fraudulent activities happening to you.


Fiverr will charge you 2% or $1 against the services it offered, depending upon which of the option amount is higher.

Spend $10, find affordable freelancers, get things done faster now.

Advantages of using Fiverr:

Fiverr is the latest trend in the freelancing industry, a part of it can be credited to the fact that it offers quality services at a much lower price than freelancing sites like For people having low budgets like $5, Fiverr is the best place to go to. There are many other benefits on offer when you chose to get your requirements fulfilled with Fiverr.


● It offers a clean, clear and easily navigable interface for the buyers. What you need is never too far from you with Fiverr. Just browse, search and you got it!


● The forum of the website is very friendly and supportive. It answers all your doubts, listens to your queries and makes sure that responses are provided effectively. The consumer staff ensures that all the issues are resolved.


● Some other freelancing websites might get your work done at bided low prices, which attract low quality work and plagiarized stuff. The fixed rate of work helps you hire affordable online freelancers who are passionate about their work and attract a higher quality of work from those sellers.


● Fiverr is fast, the sellers on the online platform work passionately satisfying their buyers by offering quality work as quickly as possible.


● You can always go by the ratings of the sellers. It makes sure that it gets great value out of every buck you spend on Fiverr. It makes the task of finding good service providers feel like a breeze.


● One of the biggest advantages of accessing Fiverr for your requirements is the array of services it has on offer. With literally over 10,000 gigs posted on the platform for each section of the freelancing website.


● Above all, if you are not satisfied with the work that has been offered to you by the seller and you are keen on getting your money back, you will most probably end up getting one. The Fiverr support always backs the buyer’s side, and they will refund your money if in case the service provider you hired was unwilling. So you are always guaranteed value for every single dollar you put in.


Tips for the buyers:

● Before making any purchases, carefully go through the seller’s description to check if he meets your demands and the standards required.


● Contact seller and talk about the limitation of the work he shall be working with along with the time he/she would be putting in the task because rational sellers might charge you a price according to a limited set of expectations.


● Always acknowledge them about any complications involved with the work to get the best results.


● To help the seller offer a perfect piece of work to you, just talk to them before making the payments. It helps in reducing misunderstanding of the concept as much as 85% of the time. That is why consulting your seller is a must.


● While trying to hire affordable online freelancers, always aim at choosing an experienced seller with a good portfolio and record to bet your money on. Try to go for service providers who are ready to offer the money back guarantee in case your demands are not met or you are not satisfied with the outcome of the service provided or at least promises money back if they fail to provide the services as decided and within the stipulated period.


● Stay active on your order with the seller and do not leave your order uncompleted in any case, as once the seller has delivered their work, the buyer has three days to ask for modifications and any revisions in the work. Failure to do so will auto-complete the task and seller becomes non-liable for the same.


Watch this video to understand Fiverr better

Fiverr is an amazing marketplace for you to hire affordable online freelancers and get what you are looking for, done in an instant at an incredible price. It gives you the confidence to move on and shift your focus to your primary business by getting everything else done at unmatched prices with a fantastic consumer friendly support.

Spend $10, find affordable freelancers, get things done faster now.

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