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Growth Hacker Ultimate Marketing Tools & Resources

growth hacker marketing tools & resoruces


1. keywords Research Tools

1) Google Trend, understand the trending content, what people search on most popular topics


2) Google Keywords Planner, use this tool to find a gem like keywords, the key points to focus on is Long tail, more search volume, less competitive. then use those keywords for your content marketing online, always put most important keywords on Title. How much your site potential traffic really depends on your keywords research and backlink building strategy.

3) When you search on Google, find extra related keywords Google share you at the bottom of the page.


2. How to build backlinks marketing strategy:

12 Untapped bасklіnks sоurсе article here!!!

1) Create 10 quality real world useful articles with lots of insights to help people achieve their marketing goals online.

2) After that, gather Influential Bloggers contact information, you can use the tools like or, then write an email script to pitch them, be polite when sharing your article, don’t sound like a typical sales pitch letter, but rather make them feel like you article actually benefit their audience.

Email Pitching Script Example:

Email Marketing Leads

Email Leads Tool


Hopefully, they will share your article in their blog page, as a result, you will get a quality backlink and potential traffic.

(Note: if you acquire a backlink from social sites, it is not good backlinks, therefore it does not help you to rank your site.)

3) Use this cool tool to share your article and pitch a journalists,, the site called ‘HARO‘ provides journalists with a robust database of sources for upcoming stories and daily opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage.

4) Go to this page 200+ Blogs That Allow Guest Blogging, find ‘Guest Post’ opportunities that relevant to your content. For example, you can guest post in these two sites. OR

Make sure use “Google URL Builder” when you post links on other blogs so that you can track in your Google Analytics in “Source/Medium” section under “Acquisition”.

Google url builder Source Medium report

Check this video if you don’t know how to use Google URL Builder?

– YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


5) When you build a strong high ranking, authority site, you can write a personal touch email to reach out those influential bloggers to ask if they interested in cross promotion to help each other out.

6) Find Untapped Backlinks Source Opportunities: Always find new popular sites that in your content niche, and see if you can get a backlink from there like doing a testimonial, commenting, donation, profile creation or Guest Post with the contextual link is the best backlink to choose.

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3. Social media sites marketing:

Note: Before you marketing on social media, make sure claim your page URL(, optimized your profile to 100%, design a nice logo and banner to drive public attention.

Bring your Brand Name to life with great Facebook Cover Design!

1) Keep posting your new content with the nice looking image to your Twitter profile, adding relevant influential Twitter profiles daily. Find larger followers base Twitter profile, ask them if they are willing to cross promote each other or paying a fee to retweet your message, this way will help you getting massive attention to your message and potential traffic to your site.

2) Link your Twitter message to Your Facebook Page, so when you post on Twitter, it automatically posts to the Facebook page. use your most important post to advertise on Facebook called ‘Boost Post’, it can help you getting some traction for you post.

You can also join large Facebook marketing group, if they approved you, you can freely post your message in the group to drive attention.


3); This is a really easy to use FAQ site, use this site to find your site relevant questions, write information message to answer their questions, then embed a link at the bottom to drive traffic to your site. Make sure you provide an informative message to get your post approved, Quora is pretty strict on spamming policy.


reddit Account

4) This is my favorite social media site, if you know how to post links to proper category, increase comment, link Karma, you can drive pretty good amount of traffic to your site.

You can also find experienced Authority Reddit user to help you post your links to the community if you work out some deals with them and they agree to post a message for you, you might get better marketing results for doing it.

But here is the rule as a reminder: If you register a new account, don’t keep posting your page links, Reddit Admin consider this as a spamming behavior, therefore they suspend your account. you should interactive within the community by leaving comments, getting link Karma, and while posting your links to the community.

Reddit Categories to submit links:







5) Posting to will help drive traffic too, I have tested it myself, you can check with Google Analytic after posting to it. Make sure always post an informative message with a nice looking image to drive public attention.

6) Try, it is really popular online marketing community site, it drives lots of unique marketers daily, the site is really easy to use, you can create website backlink in your profile. When you post a message, in the beginning, you should help the community by answering questions first instead of keep posting your links to spam the site, you will be banned by doing that.


7), I found this small business forum is pretty cool to use and easy to embed links, the site also drives decent traffic & activities daily. If you want to market to small business people, this is the right site for you.

small biz forum referral report


8), this is the best marketing techniques I found so far when I use it to drive content for Teenagers. You can check the result here:

Below is how you do it?

If your site content is about “MEME”, Entertainment, funny, or anything related to Teenagers, you can use Tumblr to drive an insane amount of traffic.

First, you need to create a Tumblr profile, perfect the listing to 100% with cool logo and banner.

Second, Find a popular Tumblr blogger with about 100.000 Fans relate to your content, send him/her a message, negotiate or paying a fee to him/her, ask him/her if they can Reblog one of the posts from your profile, if they reblog for you, your message would be exposed to 100.000 fans to help to get massive exposure.

9) Instagram: If you run a product based E-Commerce site, say like selling Fashion clothing in your site. You will benefit greatly by leverage Instagram that selfie fashion girls if they agree to take a selfie photo by wearing your clothes.

1. You can sue the same method mentioned in point 8 which is Tumblr marketing pitch to Teenager bloggers.

2. Or you can use Instagram AD platform: to help you drive traffic to your E-Commerce site.


4. Write cool Infographic marketing ideas:

Write great marketing content and find Infographic designers to help you design pretty cool infographics, then you can post on your blog, share to different infographic or image sharing sites, outreach other related bloggers to increase your site traffic. If people like your ideas and design, they will share your posts to their circle of friends too.

Check Infographic Example:





5. Design stunt videos to attract attention:

Write down your business core features or benefits that no one can offers, thinking about how do you deliver the message to your end customers and make them want to buy from you.

the idea has to be unique, not like old fashion ideas, it break the mental pattern of your customers and make them say wow, this is cool. Add Emotional, Unexpected, story to your video.

If you make your video the right way, kind of unique, and know where to market your video online, you will get lots of traffic and attention.

Check How Cool stunt video work?: – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Dollar Shave Club delivers amazing razors and grooming products for just a few bucks. Try the Club → KennedySong: Karatehttp:/…


6. Don’t use old platforms, find new platforms for better leverage.

online sales funnel secrets

If you want to get lots of traffic and exposure, by marketing to the old sites that many marketers already there is not as effective as trying to find the new popular sites that not many people pay attention to. I found a most successful business use this technique.

For example, when Facebook first starts up, there are not many advertisers there, so at the beginning, if you advertise on Facebook just like the most Games company do, you will get more traffic and attention, but now, since everybody is advertising on Facebook, so the space and opportunities get too crowded now.

First keeping thinking about who are your identical customers? Where did they hang out online, find new sites or blogs that your ideal customers might hang out there, then you can do a guest post there or advertise your site there? Since those sites or blogs are not too crowded, so you might get more chances of exposure and traffic.  is a great site to start learning all those cool growth hacking techniques, just sign up a free new account, sync your Twitter profile to it. If you want to publish your growth hacking articles on the site, make sure check out their publishing guideline, because it is pretty hard for them to accept your article.


7. Tools & API Widgets Embed Viral loop:

If you sites offer tools, you can develop different tools like WordPress plugin, Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on to leverage those platforms and bring traffic to your site. I have done it, the results are pretty amazing according to my Google Analytics report.

You can also find developer make embed widgets to your tools and share with other webmasters to leverage their site traffic.

Keep searching for new platforms or open API Opportunities where you can develop embed tools there to leverage your marketing efforts.


8. Analytic is super important:

No Title

No Description


1) If you are doing organic keyword search marketing, make sure setup everything in Google Webmaster Tools to check your backlink report and search metrics.

2) Install Google Analytic tool:

  • Use Google URL Builder when to promote your link in external sites.
  • Filter your own IP address etc.
  • Setup Event tracking
  • setup Goal tracking

You can watch this video understand everything about how to use Google Analytic Tool: 

Google Analytics Exam PASS (GAIQ)

Google Analytics Certification Exam 91% pass from October 2014Here are some notes from my colleague on questions I was unsure about…Q11. This question is a…


3). Sign up to track your website reputation online & how people talk about you?

4). Use Google Alerts to track your most important keywords in your site to find out if people talking about your content.




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