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Google Page Rank Factors Ultimate Guide


We all are living in a world where everything is done at a faster pace. The Same thing implies for the user’s operation on the internet. If they have some kind of query or research, they will just view some of the top pages resulted in their research, so a strategy to increase your Google page rank will help your business succeed in online marketing world.

To get your page high in Google search engine ranks, you require having a good Google page rank factor ratio. Google page rank which is also called as Google (PR), tells you about the importance and ranking of your page.

Google Page Rank is just like the voting on Internet world;

To gain a high rank your website or your web page you also go through the voting scenario; you will be surely confused after reading this. But yes, it is admitted by many experts that page ranks act like votes and Google count it and select the pages which are most important depending upon those votes.

Google Page Rank checker defines your Page’s ranking;

When there are a lot of ranks and visitors on your website there is a tool called as ‘Google page rank checker’. It is used to know about the standards and level of your Google (PR). Following are the things which play an important role in ranking your website on Google.

  • Domain Age
  • Unique Content
  • Mobile responsive
  • Speed
  • Link Building
  • Click through rates
  • Trends
  • Seasons
  • Posting frequency
  • Keywords
  • Rank by Traffic

These factors play an essential role because your web page will require a touch of each of the above mentioned to make it go high in the ranks of Search Engine optimization. These all things are checked by the Google page rank checker in a way that it summarizes the quality of content, pictures and all the backlinks attached.

The actual process of Google Page Rank;

What really happens behind the scenes which promote your page from a low level to a high level, here is a look at that.

Your web page has the uniquely democratic nature. Every page contains vast link structure which indicates the value of each and every page. What Google does is it interprets links from one page to another page.

For example, Google moves a link from page M to page N in the shape of a vote and then it moves the link from page N to page M. In the end, Google counts the votes received by each and every page. One important thing can be vote casting for pages themselves. If one page is casting votes for the betterment of the other page, it is a huge plus point for the page itself.


All in all, Google is like an election commission between all the web pages. Pages are submitting votes for other web pages while having their links or hyperlinks.


13 Important factors for higher Google page ranking;


There are numerous Google ranking factors which Google itself use to promote the pages and their ranking. Some factors acquire great importance while some of them don’t. What tactics or factors you can use best to get Google page rank high for your website. Here are some of them with their description.

1. You must try to use keyword in the beginning:

The first and foremost thing you should do while looking to promote Google page rank of your web page with search engine strategies is to use a keyword in the start of your content and tags. For example, you have any keyword you should try to put that keyword at the start of the heading of each web page. Google looks to find keywords at the beginning of everything even in the names of the images saved.

2. Placement of Keyword in the domain:

The domain of your website should have the proper placement of keywords in it. If you fix the keywords in the domain of your website you will find out the most relevancies which will help to promote your page.

3. Planning about the content and keywords:

While writing any content for your website, you should try to manage the length of your web page. The length of the content should not be very long or too short. It should be of a length that the readers and visitors could enjoy the reading. The Same thing implies the use of keywords, you should plan that for how much times do you need to put the keyword in content and on which places the keyword should be placed.

4. Managing the designing and development of your website:

To gain high rating Google page rank for your web page and website, the design and development of your website plays a very important role. The website should be developed in a responsive way and it should have an eye-catching design too. These things will help to start many people to promote your web page which will increase the traffic eventually.


5. Use of influential references:


If you use references in your web page, you would be able to gain much better Google page rank as it is proved by many SEO experts that people like the text or content with the proven facts. So, when you add some reference or some quote said by someone successful in that particular field people will like your content more.

6. Good layout:

If readers don’t feel any irritation when reading your text, your Google rank checker tool will show you that you Google page rank is much better. So, you need to write your text in a very well organized manner so that people read your content clearly without any worry.

7. Use of valid information in all the web pages:

Suppose that you are running a website and you want to make it go high on Google page rank you should look to add the content in the pages such as Home, About us, Services and Contact us. The most important thing is the most precise and accurate information written by you in the content of these pages.

8. Creative content


The main priority of a good website is a creative content and now you can make your content look many times more attractive and compelling by using simple websites and applications like content design. It is the best place to find the best content design for your website.

9. Sale Letter Writing Technique

To get a high ranking, people must stay on your page and to make that happen here is a little solution known as Sale Letter Writing Technique which will keep people glued to your website and your ranking will increase because of more traffic and longer time engagement.

10. Skyscraper Technique

Now it is time for the big secret, which will help you gain the first rank in Google and that is when your website is adjoined by a branded name its ranking gets higher on Google and thus gaining you a high spot. Also, the best technique to gain ultimate results is the ‘Skyscraper Technique’ which will increase your traffic in a short amount of time.


11. Google suggest keywords

Another best technique of gaining a high rank is collaborated your content normally and then search a few phrases and words on Google and pick the one with the most relevant search results that Google suggest it at the bottom, use such words in your content and you will get the rank everyone dreams of.

12. Social Buttons

To get a major following from the social media sites, you can add the share button underneath your particular data and thus you can simply make it go viral without asking anyone to share it for you.

Try elite social share tools.


13. Ecommerce Keywords

Get major traffic from e-commerce pages and other product pages like Amazon. Because these sites will provide you with targeted long tail keywords that will work wonders in increasing the traffic of your website.

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Acquiring Good Authority Backlinks;


If you are looking to give a boost to your business with your website, you should be looking to get good authority backlink. Backlinks are used to improve your Google page rank in a very good and fast way. Some backlinks can be very good for your website and some can cause ranking decrease too.

There are different views about the features a quality backlink has; following are some of the features every quality backlink has in it.

  • It is from a relevant source
  • It comes from a trusted source because fake backlinks are not good for your website
  • A good backlink has the ability to send traffic
  • There should be an exact synonym and anchor tags used in it
  • It should be next to backlinks to authority websites
  • It should come from powerful high Page rank site like CNN, Amazon or Edu sites.

While your backlink contains all these features to promote your Google page rank, you should be aware of the competition you have with the words you are using. The same keywords can be used by someone else or there can be a situation that you are clicking on your own keywords in a negative way.

This will be same as punching your own self with the hands. So, you should look to get the SEO of your page better than other pages with proper Google Page rank factors.

Bottom Line:

Your web page can have a very high Google page rank with huge traffic; there is a need of proper planning. You should know what to put on your web page that could be liked by the people visiting it. These factors will guide you towards the better ranking of your web page.



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