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Client business website design initial content preparation guide

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Learn how to prepare your business website initial content guide?


Some of the points below, you might be a little bit confused. But don’t worry, we are here to help you setup everything you need for your business.

Note: Not all information we suggested below is necessary for your business, you make your own decision!

1. Get a hosting account here,, sign up for basic $5.99 per month hosting, one year service, with a free one-year domain name. We use this company for many years, their customer service is pretty polite and solutions oriented.

hosting servers


2. Every great online business starts a good domain name, brainstorming to come out a good, easy to remember, short domain name.
Domain Name Tools to use:  Business Name Generator     Find Available Domain Names


3You need to think and come out a good Logo that match your business goals, when you market your business site online, people will remember your logo first for branding purpose. logo

Get a Logo Design you’ll love — Guaranteed. Let our community of 942,732 designers create Cool Logos for you


4.  Your business needs a good looking website design, that is why we are here to help. homepage design
We will work with you to come out a nice design to match your business need and goals.


5. Design couple eye catching Marketing  Banners at Homepage as an animation slides to showcase your products or services to the world. 

Merry Christmas

carved candles Banner 3


6. If you are running an E-commerce business online with products to sell, then you would need to take nice looking photos with your products from different angles. Your customers would want to see every detail of your products.
You also need to write detail product descriptions in each one of your products to allow your customers make an better decisions when shopping on your site.
product photography


7. Company profile information such as company background, Contact info, about us, what we do, product core features, who are our customers, our culture, etc?

This is a must have page for your customers to know your business better.

Company Profile Example here: About Our Company Page


1) Shipping Return: you also need to create shipping & Return page information if you are running a product shipping based site. see example here:


2) Payment: If your site accepts payment or doing E-commerce business, you need to write detail instructions to tell your customers how to pay when shopping in your site. see example here:


How to write your online marketing content for your buyer personas? Click To Tweet


8. Privacy & Term Policy pages. You need it for potential legal issues.

Privacy Policy Page Example:


9. Customer Testimonials:  like customer text review, or video reviews works the best. if you have a service-based business, the facts that your online customers talk good about your business will greatly increase your online sales.
customer testimonials

Text Testimonials Example:

Video testimonial Example below:


10. Government certificate, license, or anything that from authority office that can prove to the public that our products are good and tested.

11. Website Anti-Viral security badge  or  SSL Transaction Certificate  if you want your users to trust your site, then you need these two certificates to tell your users that you site is in security protection and transaction safe when shop on your site.



12. We can help you design a Video Animation explainer to help your business communicate effectively with your targeted audience for better conversion results.
Check the example below:


13. Infographic Design idea is another great way to engage your message better with your audience.
what is backlinks



14. Social Profiles & Custom Url set up:

you will need a fresh new Gmail, profile logo, Profile marketing banner, complete company profile, address information to design a nice looking social profile and claim unique URL like this It will help you to better accessible for your social users.

You will need to use your mobile phone to verified your account during set up. Facebook page

Claim your free social profiles here!


15. Design An SEO Semantic Tags Ready Site:

If you want Google able to index your site faster, you should add different SEO tags in your page, setup robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, finally, setup Google webmaster tools account and verified your website to get indepth report from Google to understand how your site search doing?

SEO Semantic Code Example below:

SEO semantic tags

seo web design guide tweet


got SEO questions

do you have troubles when creating good content for your website, please submit your content questions, we will show you how?


have a nice day    thank you


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