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How to choose the best Ecommerce website builder for small business?

It can be a tough task for a company that has just gotten into Ecommerce to set up a business online and get things going. It requires lots of labor and starts right with the setup of the company’s website online. If these companies use the best Ecommerce website builder to establish themselves, the whole process gets quite easy and quick. So it becomes quite a frequently asked question; which is the best Ecommerce website builder?

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Sometimes, an out of the box solution is the best and “Shopify” does just that. It is an all in one solution to all your concerns about setting up a business store online. It is a cloud-based, multichannel platform for creating online stores, especially for small and medium scale businesses.


So what is Shopify, The best ecommerce website builder for small business?

Shopify is a Canada-based ecommerce company headquartered in Ottawa. Setup back in 2004, it is a leading ecommerce setup solution that provides users with all the features and functionalities he would require while building up his website. It lets users design and manage the sales across multiple channels. What is so remarkable or special about Shopify is that it is also the best Ecommerce website builder for beginners. Which means that not only can it be used even by those lacking technical knowledge without much hassle and the help of any third party service but also be used by tech savvies to make most out of its advanced features.


How to Use Shopify?

Shopify is one of the easiest website builder tools even for amateurs. The whole process and the interface provides a breezy and hassle-free experience. It lets you sell any physical product or digital product or service. Moreover, the tool also comes in handy for businesses already having offline stores offering physical goods or services, letting them manage their sales and inventory all at one single stop solution.


Shopify offers four different types of pricing tiers based on the features they provide to help you grow your presence. These tiers are:

  •      Lite: $9 /month
  •      Basic- $29 /month
  •      Professional- $79/month
  •      Unlimited- $179/month
  •      Shopify Plus- $995/month



You can choose the payment option that best suits your requirements. Once you access the website, you are provided with a free trial of 14 days. Enter your email id, preferred password, and your store name. The store name later gets included in the URL of the business website. Once the account is created, you will require adding the basic details, product details that you want to sell and revenue of your offline established business for that product. After filling in the details, you shall be directed to the admin dashboard which involves some easy steps to set up your website and get things ready and rolling. The steps include:

  1.     The first step requires you to list your products for sale. Shopify offers up to 100 variations of each product. It lets you create options for your products based on various categories like size, color, and finish. These options are product specific, though it also allows you to create custom options for products and services you want to offer as well.
  1.     The second step requires you to add a theme to your online store. The theme store offers a vast variety of designs for use, and these designs can also be customized as per the user requires by accessing theme editor.
  1.     Now that the products have been chosen and the design has been finalized, it is now time to finalize a domain name for your e-store. And voila, Shopify lets you select a custom domain name as well.
  1.     Now you need to add the tax and additional shipping costs to your product price. By default, Shopify includes basic rates to have you started, but it also lets users add their prices as per their requirements as well.
  1.     Now comes the part where you determine how your customers are going to pay. This step involves the addition of third-party gateways and payment processing servers. It also integrates the payment processing platforms like PayPal and other e-wallets.
  1.     Now that all set-up processes have been fulfilled, you now require to include useful settings to your Shopify account including your Google analytics codes, store title and account for other necessary settings. Once completed, your Ecommerce website will be completely ready and accessible to the public.

    Shopify is the best ecommerce website builder for small business and beginners.

What makes Shopify the best ecommerce website builder for small business?

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Shopify is a cloud-based platform, which means that one doesn’t require to make any purchases for web hosting. Everything you need to build your website, it comes out of the box with it. Shopify offers solid features to users. The list of features runs long, but here some of the most impressive ones, proving why Shopify is the best Ecommerce website builder and hosting. The features and particular advantages you get with Shopify are:

  •      Integrated workplace: The main reason behind Shopify being widely claimed as the best Ecommerce website builder is that it brings to the table everything you would require for your online business setup and that too with an amazingly easy to use interface. From building up a site, designing and customizing, to payments and website hosting, it is a one stop shop. Unlike other website builders, security, speed, and hosting of your e-store is always taken care of by professionals so that you don’t require getting into the hassles of focusing on things other than your business.
  •      Easy Management: Shopify is stuffed with tons of features to make store management super convenient. It comprises of a simple backend system that makes store management a breeze.
  •      Payment Gateways: Shopify saves you from extra expenses that you would have undergone for buying extensions to add various payment gateways. It lets you quickly add any gateway without causing any further burden on your pocket.
  •      Tons of tools and professional support: Shopify has actually a toolbox in itself. Apart from the above-mentioned tools, it also provides a dedicated support to help you with various queries and problems. They also provide complete assistance through detailed service on forums.
  •      Working in Cloud: Shopify helps you to significantly cut down your costs on IT and labor by offering a reliable, fast and secure access. Their dependable SaaS hosting is what makes it the best Ecommerce website builder for small businesses.
  •      Best Ecommerce website builder for beginners: Setting up your online business can’t get easier. The whole process is easy and even people with less tech knowledge can use the platform quite effectively. Though it also lets you add comprehensive changes to website templates with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Liquid. The liquid is Shopify’s own language for creating and setting themes for the platform.
  •      Customization: Shopify offers a lot of free themes and some paid themes which can be bought by users. By applying themes, you basically choose how your online store appears to the consumers. In case you want to add a unique look to your website, you can hire a developer who can create an original device using in-depth knowledge.
  •      Multichannel Sales Strategy: Shopify lets you quickly drive consumer engagement, product sales, and increase brand awareness with the help of its multichannel capabilities irrespective of the fact whether it is a website or third party service.
  •      No Outages: Have an incredibly high demand and concerns for the outage of the site? Don’t worry. Shopify always backs you. It is built to handle the stress of the launch of extremely hyped products and flash sales with unlimited bot protection, scale and a 24/7 customer support provided to you. It easily handles up to 10000 checkouts per minute.
  •      Reliable Security: What are the ingredients to make the best ecommerce website builder? Stuff it with incredible features without compromising a bit on the security of the online stores. Shopify is spot-on here. It features advanced fraud detection and bot protection capabilities. It is capable of not only promising strong security to your business but also help to provide users with a safe and best browsing experience.

  Watch the video to understand more about Shopify:


You have bright ideas, cool products and passion. Shopify helps you realize that passion. Video production and animation by Simple Story Videos

Shopify is your answer to all the tiresome and tediously charging setting up of a new business store online. It is a toolbox consisting of every single tool you would require in the journey of getting things going for your business. If you want more features and better experience, you can always avail them by opting for a higher pricing plan. Shopify provides the best support, handy features, reliable security involving 256-bit encryption, attractive customization with 100+ themes and 70 payment gateways to propel your business towards growth. It lets you choose your custom domain name, offers unlimited bandwidth, full blogging platform, social media integration and support for 50+ languages.

Shopify is the best ecommerce website builder for small business and beginners.

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