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13 Content Strategy Marketing Tactics Guide

content strategy

How Content Strategy Marketing Tactics help your site gain massive marketing traction?


You might be wondering that despite remarkable social marketing and incredible SEO practices, your brand is not having the views it deserves or you still have a low ranking on your website.

The reasons for the proper brand awareness and lead sales is that you need a strong content creation base with the proper marketing strategy to gain the results you desire.

You can say that content strategy is the new spark in the social marketing and if you consume it properly, you will get the lead traffic and top rank. Your brand will gain all the glory it deserves by using the perfect content strategy and marketing tactics.

Here are some content strategy pointers and Marketing Tactics that will help you build the perfect strong content base to gain you the glory your brand deserves.

Content Strategy Marketing Tactics 13 tips:


1. Content Blogging in action:

Blogging is a major priority in the content strategy. If you have a creative blog, it will increase your interaction with your customers and it will also enhance your SEO. Blogs help your brand attract more traffic and give it an upper hand.

Make your blog appealing and write it in a customer’s perspective that what are his needs. Create a user-friendly content, which should be shared among other sites to increase your traffic.

The best blogging platform I recommend is

emoji-pink-faceThink about how to distribute your content to masses after Blogging the new content?


2. E-books distribution channels:


Provide your clients with something interesting to read via an E-book in PDF format. It needs not to be as long as a novel. It can be short and creative and you can gain email contacts by offering a sign in.

Make sure that the content should be practically useful and make it incredible by adding some visual effect. Make it appealing by adding bullets, facts and stats to attract many customers.

Use this tool to Convert your file to PDF:

emoji-pink-faceYou can publish or distribute your Ebooks here:

Bittorrent bundle publish

Bookbaby ebook distribution


3. Videos goes viral:


If you want to convey the purpose of your brand in the most effective way, then a video is the stairs to success. Video charm more traffic than a text because people get the idea in a short time and visual message remain in mind longer than a text message. If you want to make a video, have it from the customers point of view and add a solution to their problems, also add some flavor to your video by adding some animations.

You can create the cool whiteboard video like this:


emoji-pink-faceFind some cool bulk video submission service to help you distribute your videos OR ASK US How At Bottom?


4. Infographics as fun content:

infographic marketing

Infographics are the best way of conveying the main idea of your product to your customer. Make them convey your idea in the form of a story. Formulate an attractive and informative infographics or make it as a Motion 3D infographics.

The more attractive your infographics are, the more it will gain clients towards your brand. So research and interpret it wisely, what you want your infographics to be looks like.

Infographic Examples: 

emoji-pink-faceSubmit your infographics to other relevant Infographics sites.


5. Slideshare presentation:

The Slideshare is the best platform for the content marketing. It is the best way to share your content with billions of subscribers. Therefore, to make your slides stand out, you should make them innovative by adding different infographics and many other clients attracting ideas that will help you promote your brand in the best way.

At the end of the presentation, you should put a call to action message to encourage your readers taking the further move.

emoji-pink-faceYou should Find a way to distribute your Slides to masses.


6. Social media marketing:

social media marketing

The best way to display your content and increase awareness about your brand is via social media. You have to be wise while using different social media platforms. Make your post best fit the platform and make sure that it is toward the follower’s benefits.

Social media is the only platform that will provide you with awesome followers that will soon turn to paying customers, you will reach new heights of success in a short period of time.

  • You should claim your social media page URL like this ‘’ first.
  • You should optimize your social media page 100%
  • You should have a nice looking profile logo and cool banner to attract public attentions.
  • You should keep posting new content, keep adding relevant users to connected with.

emoji-pink-face Use this tool to check your social media open profile link:



content strategy SEO roadmap

Learn how to create a winning SEO strategy from scratch with keyword research, content SEO optimization & backlinks

Content Strategy – SEO Roadmap: SEO to Rank #1 & Skyrocket Sales



7. Email marketing:

email marketing

If people are signing up to your email then it means that they like your offers and they want to hear more from you. Email marketing is a good method of increasing your following. You can email all the content about your brand to your clients but make sure it is attractive and useful to change your temporary customer into a permanent one. A good step by step soap style series daily storytelling Email marketing should not be underestimated.

Don’t over selling products to your subscribers first, you should always provide valuable information first to win their trust, then once a while try to sell something to help keep your business going.

emoji-pink-face  Try email marketing service (Start your free, no risk, 30-day trial.No credit card required. No surprises. Just results.)


8. PR Marketing:

dispaly advertising

Press release has a perfect connection with the content strategy. Because it is administered for the promotion of a brand. Therefore, to engage more customers to make a PR demonstrating the latest happenings of your brand. Make it interesting and creative to gain maximum clients.

Below are some brief Press Release benefits:

1) Increase your product Brand Name Awareness & Trust to the online audience from premium press sites.

2) Increase your company’s online potential traffic.

3) Increase your website backlinks where your site URL will be found in other sites.

4) Increase your company news on social media exposure.

5) Go Viral! Your news article will have a high chance of going viral when your targeted audience reads your company’s compelling story and decides to share your news link on their social media profiles.

See how Press works?


9. Webinars speak engagement:


Manage, create and record an successful live webinar by formulating an amazing content and distribute it online among other sites. It help to promote your brand and increase traffic, backlinks to your site.

A good webinar speaks content engage users to understand your products or services better, it has better chances to turn a prospect to a buying customer instantly.

You can ask your attendee to share your webinar links during registration, or tweet your message during the webinar session to help you spread message widely.


10. Testimonials for conversion:


After gaining a few clients from your marketing effort, you should ask for their honest feedback, and then use those feedback to improve your content authority. It is a better way to connect with your customers and win their trust by making them believe that your product is worth their time and money.

Use Jotform Tool to design a testimonial page, you should make it as a pop-up time delay style page like when users visit your page, after 3 minutes, your Testimonial page pop-up and ask them to submit their feedback to your products or services.


Your page should be easy to use, don’t make users think too much, mobile friendly.


11. Case Study Marketing:


If you have achieved some great marketing real world results by your own cool techniques, you should write about it as a case study and let the world know how you have done it. People love actionable real world marketing tips that they can follow to produce instant results, they will also love to share your Case Study content to their social connections.

During the creation of real Case Study content, you should show a lot of snapshots of real marketing results such as real phone calls, Google Analytics traffic prove, E-commerce sales prove, keywords ranking prove on Google to prove your marketing skills.

The reason why people love Cade Study content is that:

  • It looks like authentic stuff, it is a real deal, actionable, not a theory.
  • It produces the real marketing results
  • It is personally done by you like small people, so others think that they can do the same things too.


12. Marketing Quiz:

content strategy marketing

Creation a fun Quiz to interactive with your users, find out what they interested or not by answering your quiz questions. People love to play the quiz because it is set up like a game, they don’t think you are doing marketing practices to them, but at the end, you get the results you want.

Thinking about your marketing goals, create a quiz related to that goal, allow people answer those questions so that you can understand your marketing goals better with input data.

At the end of the quiz, you can have social media button pop up for users to share your quiz.

The quiz page should be designed as easy to use, friendly, easy to understand.

emoji-pink-face A free Quiz tool to get started.

content strategy tweet


13. Viral content Marketing strategies:


online sales funnel secrets

As the technology is evolving so is the art of brand promotion. With the use of online advertisement for brand awareness, many industrialists are using a unique way to increase the traffic attraction towards their brand, it is known as a viral content marketing strategy or the referral program.

With the help of viral content marketing, organizers offer different unique rewards in exchange of bringing a friend or family member towards their sites and thus a win-win situation is established. In this way, the brand awareness is increased and more people are attracted towards the particular brand.

Here are a few examples that will let you know how viral content marketing is taking place from below companies?

1) Dropbox:

Viral content marketing program used by Dropbox is one of the most popular. The growth level it has adopted is one of the best. It offers 500MB of space to both the recipient and the sender. Thus, it has the most praised referral system that increased its traffic in days.

2) Uber:

A well-designed taxi cab pickup APP technology will increase your customer numbers within days. It is a mobile referral program and I would like to suggest every company to take advantage of this amazing technology.

3) Hulu:

In the field of entertainment sites like Hulu offers a few days to weeks free usage of the site to watch new streaming content which help Hulu increase traffic, after the free period, customers found themselves hooked with the live interactive content and would want to come back to subscribe the paid service.

4) PayPal as Referral program:

It is a get paid to share the type of referral system and one of the ancient program that everybody would crave for. It was initiated as a viral marketing scheme and took the leaps of growth in a short time and now it is regarded as a new online payment gateway.

Paypal referral program is called ‘Viral Loop’, but Paypal has another viral loop which it works seamlessly with Ebay to solve the transaction issue, as a return, Ebay bring lots of organic users to the Paypal site to make it grow bigger and faster, It is called ‘Double Viral Loop’ as a viral network between each other.

From the above few given viral marketing examples, it can be concluded that viral content marketing strategies are the latest and the best method to get your content shared. It is the best method by which many organizations gets their contents, brands and products shared online by the public and gain the online traffic they require to make their product prosperous.

Recommended A book called Viral Loop


emoji-pink-face4 Content Strategy Marketing Tactics;


Below are 4 content marketing tactics I have collaborated for you. If you apply these, you will get the best results in a short time and for a long period.

  • Engage your clients:

Engage your clients by using different social media platforms or formulating different quizzes for them. Make them feel that they are important to you. Encourage their participation by making them share the results and it this way your content will gain promotion and more true followers and clients.


  • Identify Buyer Personas:


Before marketing your content, clear your view about your ideal client’s buyer personas and then target them in your marketing tactics because in this way you will gain more traffic and your time will not be wasted on unwanted customers.


Buyer Personas – User Focused Strategy

Learn to understand your audience, create buyer personas and make your message relevant. Your buyer is your business.



  • Content Promotion:

Promote your content by using all the means you can use by using social media and all other marketing methods. Your content is a waste if you do not promote it properly. So make sure that your content in promoted in a creative manner.

  • Join Forum communities:

Join several communities online and promote your content there among your ideal clients, in this way you will get reviews and a chance to improve your content and thus, you can get a reliable client traffic.


I hope that the above-given marketing tactics help you in all manners to a device the most attractive content and market it with the client attracting strategy.


Lastly, Use Content Curation Tools to help you get the job done easily:

Content Curation – Curata

Curata’s software enables marketers to scale content marketing to grow leads and revenue.


Feedly – More signal, less noise

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